October 5, 2012

Fashion Forward Friday:Avant-Garde Project Runway Recap

     Episode 12, “In a Place Far, Far Away,” and we are down to the final five.  This week the designers are given 400$ to spend at Mood and have two days to create an avant-garde look. The designers drew buttons to determine which leading lady they would design for.  Fabio got the enchanted queen.  Sonjia got the seductive temptress.  Dmitry got the wise mystic.  Melissa got the artsy muse. Chris was picked last and got to choose.  He chose the enchanted queen. The designers were given 45 minutes to sketch and the beautiful scenery of the Oheka Castle in Long Island, New York to use as inspiration.

This week’s special guest host is Zoe Saldana.

Photo credit: Lifetime

On the Runway

Melissa: (I would wear it)

Photo credit: Lifetime

Photo credit: Lifetime

Leading Lady: Artsy Muse
Inspiration: She was drawn to a modern take on muses
Melissa said she was channeling Andy Warhol and she did a great job. I love the color of the leather green top with small peaks of red. She used the right amount of color in just the right places. Michael said he loved it; Nina said the collar was dramatic but thought the skirt was too long; Heidi said she didn’t know whose look was uglier, Fabio’s or Melissa’s; Zoe praised Melissa for working with challenging materials while still flattering her model’s figure.

Fabio: (I might wear it)

Photo Credit: Lifetime

Photo Credit: Lifetime

Leading Lady: Enchanted Queen
Inspiration: He wanted to give his queen a very conflicted image and soul
This jacket screams runway, and I like the way that it can be worn in two different styles. The mix of sheer and solid was a cool idea, but the top and jacket were a bit too baggy and needed more structure. Michael called the jacket fantastic but didn’t like the palazzo pant; Heidi said his model looked like she was going to a funeral; Zoe liked the jacket too but said the look overall was unflattering to his model’s body.

Dmitry: (I would wear it but without the collar)

Photo Credit: Lifetime

Photo Credit: Lifetime

Leading Lady: Wise Mystic

Inspiration: He wanted to combine the historical elements of the castle with modern day architecture

  It was very interesting with lots of angles. I love the zipper down the butt and the low plunge V back.  The only thing I didn't like was the colar. Heidi called this look amazing and thought it looked great from every angle; Zoe said the sleeves were stunning; Michael called him a brilliant tailor but thought the jacket’s shoulders were too far out and that the neck was too “Vampira”; Nina said the details were incredible and that it was impeccable work.

Sonjia: (I wouldn’t Wear it)

Photo Credit: Lifetime

Photo Credit: Lifetime

Leading Lady: Seductive Temptress

Inspiration: She was inspired by Adam and Eve

The first thing I thought when her model came down the runway was Ice skating.  This looked like an ice skaters costume for a rendition of Into the Woods. There were pieces of this dress that looked like they were just stuck on. Heidi liked the color of the dress but wished the mesh matched her model’s skin better; Michael said it looked like an ice skating costume and that the back was an old lady’s approach to going bare; Zoe said it felt unfinished and that the top looked like a table napkin.

Christopher: (I would wear it)

Photo Credit: Lifetime

Photo Credit: Lifetime

Leading Lady: The Enchanted Queen

Inspiration: He wanted to give his model a really great hour glass shape.

 I know what I will be for Halloween this year: Sexy vampire in feathers. He was very literal with the inspiration and the feathers were a bit much, but it was a beautiful dress.  Michael liked the styling but said his model looked like she had hairy forearms; Heidi said there was too much material in the bust but loved the back; Zoe agreed with Heidi and said the dress didn’t fit; Nina said he tried too many ideas in one dress.

Auf'ed: Sonjia

Winners:  Christopher, Dmitry, Melissa and Fabio

Now I would like your opinions.  Do you think Sonjia should have gone to New York Fashion Week?  If so, who should have taken her place at the bottom?  What designers’ collection are you looking forward to the most?  Who do you think will win this season?

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