October 5, 2012

Thank You

This blog post is simply a big Thank you my parents. A thank you for their early influences and contributions to my life and for their current support of everything I do. The biggest thanks is for their support both emotional and financially of my upcoming wedding. I could sit here and write this post for the next decade and it wouldn’t put into words how much my parents mean to me and how much they have done for me and our family. For those of you that are lucky enough to know my mom and dad, you know they are two of the kindest people you will ever meet. You know that they would give anything for their 2 children (now 3 including Paul J ). They have done so much for Paul and I over the last couple of months. With our wedding coming up at the end of the month, we would never be able to have the day we dreamed about without their help. I will never be able to repay them for their kindness, love and support.   I just wanted to write a quick little thank you to show them how much everything they do is appreciated.
I thank my mother for giving birth to me,

I thank my father for making that birth possible.

I thank them both for giving me the opportunity to live, to learn, to love, and to be loved.
My parents have always supported me and understood me, not only as his daughter, but as a person.
Because of them, I have never felt alone.
I thank my parents for all of the sacrifices that they have made for me in the past.
I thank them for the sacrifices that they continue to make for me still today.
And I thank them for all that they are doing in order to build a brighter tomorrow for me.
I thank you both for being my parents.
And my love is unconditional.
I couldn’t end this post without including a huge thanks to my In-Laws as well. 

They have been so supportive and incredibly helpful as well over this whole planning process.  Not to mention the rehearsal dinner they are throwing.  Thank you so much for raising such a wonderful son and for being there for us when we need you.

I love you mom and dad and Lynn and Dick, and I will never be able to repay you for what you have given to us.

Thank You!!!

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