October 4, 2012

5 New Beauty Trends and Tips for Fall

1) Trend: Burgundy and Berry Lips

Photo credit: Photobucket.com
photo Credit: Sheknows.com

  When it comes to lips burgundy and berry shades are the rage.  These colorful lip stains colored the models lips at almost every show during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in New York.

Tip: Always apply blush when wearing burgundy lips, otherwise you will look washed out. (see tip #3)

2) Trend: Cobalt Blue and Deep Green Eyes

Anna Sui
Photo Credit: Imaxtree 

Jason Wu
Photo Credit: Imaxtree

Two of the trendiest eyeshadow colors for fall 2012 are blue and green. Jason Wu's show was filled with green eyes and Anna Sui's models donned blue. Contrary to popular belief, blue and green eye makeup can look amazing regardless of the color of your eyes. There are so many shades of green and blue, you just need to choose the right color for you.
Tip: Look for shadows with hints of silver or gold mixed into the color to soften the effect and complement your skin tone.

3) Trend: Flushed Cheeks

Christian Siriano
Photo Credit: behindthescenesmakeup.com
Photo Credit: Becomegorgeous.com
This trend was used by Rodarte and Christian Siriano during fashion week this year.

Tip: Use a medium sized fluffy brush and circular motions to spread the color evenly along the area of your face.  You don't need much, just a small amount will leave you looking flushed and energized.Orange red hues work best with most skin tones.  When it comes to wearing blush properly, remember that the key to good application is blending don't overdo it. Start light and build -- always blending if you are wondering  what type of blush to use, follow the list below:
  • Powder Blush  : The basic blush for every type of skin. It goes on easy, sheer and light, which makes it perfect for blending and layering.
  • Cream Blush  : Good for those with dry skin as they usually contain oils that moisturize the skin. These oils also help the blush stay on. Beware though that a little goes a long way. Use a dab for a base and blend it with a sheer powder over top.
  • Gel Blush  : Intense color that lasts a long time. Again, you must apply with care. Start light and build up. Since this type of blush is usually water based, it won't be comedogenic, which is good for oily or acne-prone skin.
  • Cheek Stain : This is another water based blush that is very similar to gel blush. Be careful about building color.
4) Trend: Smokey Eyes
Photo Credit: bing
You should always only play up one feature (eyes or lips, not both), then why not throw a great gloss on your pout and make your eyes look hot.

Tip: Prepare your eyelids and apply an eye shadow base.  Make sure your eye pencil color matches your eyeshadow.  Apply the pencil from the inner to the outer corner in sweeping arches up to the brow bone.  Working from the lash line, blend upwards towards the crease. Make sure that you blend both eyeshadow and liner so that there are no visible lines. Apply eyeshadow over the eyeliner under the lower lash line, don't go crazy with the shadow, just a light dusting will do. Finish the look off with Mascara.

5) Trend: Bold Brows

Alexander Wang
Photo Credit: Thestylespy.com

From New York City to Milan to Paris, bold, structured eyebrows were one of the biggest runway makeup trends for Fall.

Tip: To create bold brows, brush upwards then lightly draw lines to fill in the spaces between your natural hairs using a brow pencil that is one shade lighter than your natural hair color.  Next, using an angled brush dipped in a color the same as your natural hair color to darken.  Try to stay inside your natural brow shape.
Try Benefit Cosmetics Brow Zings (below) to create this look.

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