September 28, 2012

Fashion Forward Friday: Runway Recap-Battle of the Babies

The challenge was to create a look for Heidi Klum’s Babies "R" Us clothing line. In fact, the winner of the competition will have their design sold at the store, but to start things off, one burning question: Why wasn't Suri Cruise asked to guest-judge this baby-wear challenge? Wasted opportunity — I would have appreciated her high-fashion sensibility and withering critiques.

The designers get a crash course in parenting when they discover they will each be responsible for a baby simulator. The terrifying android babies needed to be fed, rocked, and changed. Most of the designers seemed to subject their dolls to gross neglect, but Fabio became weirdly nurturing. Dmitry delivered the most controversial quote of the night: "Does anyone else have a black baby? Sonjia, do you want to switch? That's weird." Yay, racism?

Dmitry took the prize for being most anti-baby: "“We’re all screwed. Those babies are really, really small. I don’t even know how old they are, but I’m pretty sure they can’t talk. It’s like you’re making an outfit for a cat.” Hilarious, not age-ist.

Babies to the runway! I loved how Dmitry was freaking out about Arjun being sleepy and not being able to "sell" his look.

On the Runway:

New mom and celebrity guest judge Hilary Duff joins the fun this week!

Fabio: I would wear this combo with my (future) kid(s)

I loved the modern twist on his retro-inspired onesie. I liked that it looked like separates but had the ease and practicality of a one-piece. Mom’s look was pretty good as well—it had the same classic-with-a-twist flavor of his boy’s look. Michael liked his modern take on nautical; Heidi loved his look and liked that it was a onesie that looked like separates; Nina said it was very appropriate and practical; Hilary thought he looked like an old-fashioned baby—in a good way.

Melissa: I wouldn't wear this combo with my (future) kid(s) but I dress my baby in that vest

The vest was cute but didn’t have enough impact for me. Her white dress missed the mark. I don't think any of the designers really understood a child's needs, but Melissa didn't even seem to be thinking about the challenge at all. It needed to be more child-friendly and practical. Mom looked comfortable but kind of sloppy. Melissa scrambled this week and it shows. Heidi loved the vest but thought the dress underneath was too simple and showed too much diaper; Hilary said the zipper detail on the dress was dangerous; Michael thought that Melissa made mistakes in her fabric choices; Nina said the vest was whimsical but the dress was too serious and impractical.

Dmitry: I would wear this combo with my (future) kid(s)

I like the graphic quality of this look and could see a lot of little boys having adventures wearing it. The first thing I thought when I saw this was "Baby Super Mario". I just don’t think it fit in as well into Heidi’s collection as other designs. Mom looked really effortless but still put together. Michael liked how graphic the outfit was but thought it was borderline costume-y; Hilary agreed that it was borderline costume, but she liked it; Heidi thought it was modern and out there; Nina thought he looked like a crayon.

Sonjia: I would wear this combo with my (future) kid(s)

She thought about the challenge and delivered the practicality of separates with modern details. Her idea to make a tailored suit out of sweats was inspired; the combo was very smart but a lot of fun at the same time. Her charismatic baby Jude looked like a bespoke little GQ man who has fine taste and likes to enjoy Mom’s look, though cute, reminded me of Melissa’s look from the first episode. Heidi said the boy’s outfit was sharp and that he looked like a little man; Hilary liked that he could move in the garments and that it could be dressed up or down; Michael thought he looked polished and modern; Nina said he looked smart and well-dressed.

Christopher: I would wear this combo with my (future) kid(s)

Adorable! I'm so glad he proved his clients annoying mother wrong by winning the girls' side of the challenge. The ladies looked as though they were heading to a fancy mother-daughter brunch. I loved the joyful floral print and classic silhouette of Mom’s look too. They went together without being too matchy-matchy. Nina thought it was adorable but not very practical; Heidi said the outfit was irresistibly cute; Michael didn’t think the jacket worked, but liked the dress and headpiece; Hilary thought the dress had great movement and whimsy.

Elena: I would wear part of this combo with my (future) kid(s).  I like the mom's skirt and her daughter's jacket was adorable, but not as cute as her daughter...what a cutie)

She focused so much on that jacket that the other pieces suffered. The jacket design was special-occasion-like but the denim gave it versatility to dress down. Still, the look overall was a bit mismatched. Her baby Lumi looked as though she were wearing all stray bits of rag that get left over from the laundry. Mom looked polished and modern, though. Michael said the jacket was well-crafted but that the outfit overall looked like a baby sample sale; Heidi called the jacket a show-stopper but thought the pants were a throw-away; Hilary said she liked the jacket’s collar; Nina disagreed with the other judges and said the jacket was the problem.

Winner: Christopher and Sonjia

Auf-ed: Elena

What did you think? Do you know a toddler that would rock Christopher or Sonjia’s winning looks? Did you agree with the judges for kicking off Elena? Let me know your opinions in the comments below!

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