August 31, 2012

Fashion Forward Friday: Project Runway Recap

On the Runway 

Joining the judges’ panel this week is the president of Lord & Taylor, Bonnie Brooks. After the usual round of introductions and challenge details, pink-disco-ball-clad Heidi starts the show.
Here’s what I thought of this week’s looks:

Fabio: (I would wear it)

 I like the asymmetrical hem and the detail of the stretch tulle overlay as well as the reverse halter detail of the back, but the exposed zipper cheapens the look for me. Still, this is a modern, wearable dress with lots of styling potential.

Melissa: (I would wear it)

Despite her concerns, the dress came together nicely. I really liked this dress. There was a richness in the fabric and the neckline was an interesting, powerful detail. The hem was a little strange, but overall it was a dramatic, well-styled look. 

Gunnar: (I would wear it)

 I loved this dress, very femanine and pretty, but with just enough edge.

Elena: (I might wear it)

This dress was unexpected and edgy. It’s a feminine silhouette but the harness detail gives it toughness. It is not my style but I like the uniqueness of it.

Christopher: (I would wear it)

I love this look.  It is very feminine and romantic, it has good proportions and choosing a gown distinguished him from the other designers.

Alicia: (I wouldn't wear it)

I really didn't like this look. I don’t know where her woman is going in this dress -- maybe a funeral for a tennis player?  Not a fan of the placement of the pleats on the skirt either.  

Sanjia: (I might wear it)

This dress was ok. It fit well and I liked the styling, but it was nothing special for me. The peplum flattered her model, but I am not sure it would look great on an average body. 

Ven: (I would wear it)

 I love this folded floral frock. I  like the tone on tone mixture of textures he achieved with his different black materials.

Dmitri: (I would wear it)

Even though this silhouette is starting to get repetitive from Dmitri, I thought the draping details in the dress were pretty. He was smart about his fabric choice and constructed his garment impeccably. Not crazy about those earrings, however

In the end, Christopher was named the winner and no one was bid auf wiedersehen. Heidi claimed that since everybody met the bar of this challenge, the judges felt like no one deserved to go home. Everybody gets a pony! In reality, we all know that because of Andrea’s escape and Kooan’s decision to make more LOVE, the show needed to skip an elimination to keep the season on pace.


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  1. Hahaha, a funeral for a tennis player is the ONLY place Alicia’s dress would come close to working. I was really surprised they didn’t give her the boot, but like you said, that’s what happens when two designers unexpectedly drop out and the producers need to get the show back on track. I definitely think her days on the show are numbered, though. I almost missed this episode, since I got caught up at work for longer than I planned to yesterday. Thankfully I had remembered to set my Hopper to record it for me, and I was able to turn it on as soon as I walked in the door. I would have hated to miss this one, because my Dish co-workers and I love to talk about Project Runway every week. I’m already looking forward to next week; team challenges are always good for some drama.


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