May 30, 2012

Wellness Wednesday: Natural Enhancements

  If you are anything like me, many of you aren't blessed with the perfect rack.   A lot of women will get surgically enhanced when dealt with this situation.  307,150 breast augmentations happened last year alone.  This number is up from 2000 by 45%.  I have always been self conscious of this, but I have learned ways to deal with my size and make the most of what I have. There’s not much you can do to change the structure of your breasts without augmentation but there are tricks to make them appear bigger and higher. Below is a list of natural enhancements to send you on your way to bigger looking breasts without surgery.

1)  Practice good posture:  Hold your head up high, shoulders rolled back and down, chest forwards and spine straight. 

2)  Exercise: Especially if you know you are going to be wearing a strapless the next day. Chest exercises’ make you look bigger and perkier for hours.  The increase of blood circulation causes muscles to get larger. 
Start with the following exercises:

Shoulder Rolls:  sit upright, shoulders relaxed, arms at sides.  Lift shoulders up to ears, squeezing shoulder and neck muscles.  Hold 3 to 5 counts.  Then roll shoulders up, back, and down.

Chest Stretch:  sit on the edge of a chair and clasp hands behind your lower back, keeping your abs tight.  Inhale and exhale as you squeeze your shoulder blades together and lift your hands.  Lower your hands and repeat a few times.

Wall Push-Ups:  stand facing a wall feet shoulder width apart.  Lean forward with your arms extended in front of you.  Place hands against the wall shoulder width apart, keeping elbows close to your torso and fingers pointing up.  Move your feet back so your body is a 45 degree angle.  Inhale while bending your elbows to bring chest to wall, keeping your torso in a straight line.  Exhale as you press yourself away from the wall.  Repeat 20 times. 

Sit-Ups and Core Work:  Slimming your core (the muscles around your waist and ribs) will make your breasts appear larger by comparison, without actually adding any breast tissue. Try yoga and Pilates exercises that can help you build lean, long muscles without bulking up.

3)  Get Measured:  Many women wear the wrong size bra because they've never been appropriately measured. The right bra should sit snugly beneath your breasts and cup all of the tissue closely, as well as making it easier for you to stand up straight. Measure your bra size yourself, or go in for a free professional fitting at a department store. (Don't feel shy about being professionally fitted - usually the ladies who do fittings are chosen for their warm and accepting demeanors. Remember, she's probably seen it all.)    Once you've been properly sized, make sure that you're putting on your bra in a way that will achieve maximum lift and comfort. Slip the straps over your arms, facing forward, so that the unhooked clasps are at your back. Bend over so that all of your breast tissue falls forward, and maneuver the bra over your breasts. Still bent over, reach back and clasp the bra. Adjust the band and straps as necessary.

4)  Wear Chest Enhancing Bras:  There are many options available, so the best way to work out what gives you your desired effect is to go and try lots of different types on.  If you have smaller breasts then I would suggest the following bras:
Push up bra:  They are designed to push your breasts up (as the name implies), and move the breasts closer together, creating more cleavage. They push the boobs up using padding usually made of foam. The best known brand for making push-up bras is Wonder bra. However, most lingerie stores supply them.
Padded bra: like push-up bras, they contain foam padding in the cups. They are designed to give fuller-looking breasts to small-cheasted women, but don't lift them or create extra cleavage.
Gel, air or water padded bra: They are the same as padded bras but are designed to look and move more naturally, and to give a more noticeable enhancement. The only down side to these is that they often cost more money. Also, air padded bras often need the padding replaced as the air leaks out.
5)  Clothing Choice:  Wear clothes with a detailed neckline. Lace, ruffles and jewels, gathered material, pleats, ruching and twists are some examples of what to look for on the neckline of clothes. This provides a visual boost and makes the breasts appear larger. When wearing ruffles, be careful that they are not too big that they overpower the size of your boobs; else they might make them look smaller rather than larger.  Use patterns and colors to your advantage. They can help to change the way the proportions of your body look. Generally light colors make something look larger, and dark colors make something look slimmer.  If you're wearing patterns or bright or light colors, then wear them on your torso not your bottom half. You should have duller colors on your bottom half to help make your figure look more in proportion.  Wear dark trousers and a top with horizontal stripes to make your hips appear narrower, and your breasts appear larger in comparison. The top should be in light colors.
6)  Massage:  Get a breast massage. Massaging your breasts is good for stimulating the nerves and for increasing blood flow to them. This causes the breasts to get bigger over time. Also, increasing blood flow to them may help to stop them from sagging as it delivers more nutrients to your breasts for repair as well as growth. You can give yourself a relaxing breast massage by setting aside some private time with yourself and then slowly undress. Lie down on your bed or sit over. Take your hands and cup your breasts from underneath. Move them in gentle circles. Then, starting from the nipple out, smooth your hands over your breasts in strokes.
7)  Makeup: It can create the impression of larger boobs. Put a darker shade of foundation than your usual shade where you want shading to go to give the impression of cleavage. However this is not recommended for everyday use since it could smudge and look silly. But, for photos or a special occasion it may be worth giving a go. Don't rush it, you'll feel stupid if somebody realizes that you've painted your cleavage on
Most women not only want bigger breasts, they want healthy breasts so remember these tips as well:
1)  Rinse off right after a workout:  Cleavage collects sweat which can cause heat rash breakouts even infections.  If you don’t have time for a shower then try using a cleansing towellette instead.
2)  Sunscreen: Always remember your chest when applying sunscreen.  Sun can lead to brown spots, wrinkles, and skin cancer.  If you already have spots there are OTC creams that can help lighten these areas.  Lasers work as well if you are willing to take a trip to the dermatologist.
3)  Take your vitamins:  Be sure to have an efficient amount of Vitamin E, A, and C which aid in overall skin tone. 
Bottom Line:  Breast Health is important and by making a few daily choices you can keep your breasts happy and healthy and possibly bigger in size as well.

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