May 29, 2012

Miss Maynard Makes Out

   Last night's show opened with Emily having breakfast in bed while talking to her mom, with her daughter near by.  16 men are left and Chris gets the first date card.  The date is in her hometown of Charlotte, NC. Chris and Emily are walking hand in hand down the street when they come to a tall building, surprise Chris has to climb the wall to show Emily he is willing to take a leap of faith  for her.  The two start scaling the side of the building and they are about halfway up thunder and lightening bolts flash in the distance and then closer to them.  Emily gets really scared, but is cheered on by her fans below and calmed down by Chris.  They make it to the top where they have a rooftop dinner planned.  During dinner Chris assures Emily that his young age is not a detriment and he is ready to be a husband and father.  Emily smiles and they finish dinner and walk to their next destination a Luke Bryant concert.Chris asks Emily if he can kiss her.  Emily replies "Why don't you try," and he does.  Well done Chris for scoring the first kiss of the season.

Emily and Chris
     Next up is a group date with Charlie, Alejandro, Alessandro, Sean, John, Michael, Doug, Jef, Tony, and Travis.  Emily has a surprise for the men as she brings her girlfriends in to grill them about being the right one for Emily.  Most of the men passed the test.  The ladies liked Sean and Doug the best.  Next up the guys got to hang out at the park with a bunch of kids.  Most of the men did well on this challenge too.  However, Ryan told Emily if she ever got fat he would still love her, but not "Love on her." What a #%$^.  That night she takes the men to a lounge.  Emily pulls aside Sean and tells him how well he did with her girlfriends.  Next she talks to Doug.  Tears commence as Doug tells her his dad had epilepsy and married a woman who ended up leaving him and both Doug and his sister eventually ended up in foster care.  Meanwhile Tony can't handle being away from his son.  Emily finds him teary eyed and they talk about the situation.  She tells him to go home to be with his son.  At the end of the night Emily gives the rose to Sean. 
     Next up, Arie gets the second one-on-one.  The date takes place in Tennessee at Dollywood.  On the date they go on a roller coaster and are also asked to write a love song together.  While they are sitting on a stage writing a love song together, out comes Dolly Parton, Emily's childhood idol.  She sings a song written especially for them.  Emily is flabbergasted as Dolly pulls her aside to give her a little advice on love and let her know that she believes true love will find her.  Dolly sings one more song to the two of them, a song written by Dolly about her husband.  Later they are at dinner and Arie tells her he is ready for the next step.  Emily gives him a rose and they make out on the carousal.  Sorry Arie but Chris beat you to it.
Emily and Dolly

Emily and Arie in Dollywood
     Cocktail time!  Lots of going on's last night at the house.  Emily smashes shelly after Travis told her it was time for the egg to go.  Emily talks to Kalon who does not like to be interrupted, and when Emily does just that he replies "I love hearing you talk, but can I finish first?" Emily is beyond upset.  Next, Emily sits down with Alessandro who tells her that he feels parenting and marriage are a compromise to lifestyle.  Emily is so thrown off and upset she sends him packing.  I am so glad he is gone as I could not stand to look at his hair cut another second longer.  Emily is visibly upset and Arie comforts her by having another make out session right out in the open at the house. 

This goes out to all the men who have hurt Emily
     The rose ceremony is next.  Emily gives a rose to Jef, Charlie, Doug, Michael, Travis, Alejandro, Ryan, John, Kalon, and the final rose goes to Nate leaving DJ Stevie heartbroken and heading home.  Kalon has a smirk through the whole rose ceremony, what a douchebag. 
   Tune in next Tuesday when I recap episode 4: The group head to Bermuda and the High Seas.

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