May 30, 2012

I Love My Husband

Every day I wake up in the morning I feel blessed to be by my husbands side. There are times I can get mad, but they are few and fleeting and then there are the times like today and most days that I remember why I married him (Paul) and adore him so much.

I love how he supplies me with health and life insurance, cable TV, and endless laughter.
I love how he keeps me safe by filling my bike tires with air every night so I have a safe ride to work in the morning.
I love the way he loves me just the way I am.
I love how he constantly tells me he loves me.
I love how gently he holds me in his strong arms.
I love how he watches over me.
I love the way he loves to spoon and cuddle.
I love his sense of humor.  He always makes me laugh and never takes life too seriously.
I love his ability to fix things.  He can fix anything from an AC car to virus on the computer.
I love how silly he is.  I will never truly grow up and I need a man who can be just as silly about life as I can.
I love how he thinks I am beautiful.  Even when I am feeling my worst he makes me feel my best.
I love how sexy and handsome he is.  In a room full of men he will always be the best looking in my eyes.
I love how passionate he is not just with me but about everything he loves in life.
It is for these reasons and so many more why he is my prince on a white horse and my dearly loved husband.

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