May 4, 2012

Fashion Forward Fridays

TGIF!  It's finally Friday and keeping with the theme I am titling today and every other Friday.  Fashion Forward Fridays.  For all of you out there trying to decide what to wear on casual Friday, keep in mind “casual" does not mean Frumpy or Flashy! Make this day fabulous and fashion forward.

     I’m sure I am not alone in my excitement for spring, my favorite thing about the season is the fashion.  Getting wrapped up in the season is easy and exciting.  Before spending your hard earned money on new trends make sure you have the foundation to apply these fashion trends to. No wardrobe is complete without certain tried -n- true staples that work as the foundation for any look. When purchasing these staple items make sure to take your time, try not to look at price tags, and do not buy anything on an impulse.  Aquiring the perfect staples may be costly, but just think of it as investment shopping. Use these key items as your building blocks:

When it comes to fashion I love all things feminine, sophisticated, and elegant  - the best staple to describe this would be the Little black dress, it's timeless!

Fitted blue jeans

 fitted black Pencil skirt

White collored button up (long and short sleeve)


Black heels
The art of walking in heels is one that every woman, no matter where she is in her walk of life, should master.

Last, but not least, you can top off almost any  look with a Blazer.

And the best part? A blazer can shift an outfit from day to night and pull your look together in a matter of seconds.
Until next week my fellow fashionistas.  Have a wonderful weekend!

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  1. Got 3 out of the six....better ask the husband for the plastic and go shopping ;)


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