May 3, 2012

East Coast vs. West Coast

I am recent Boston transplant originally from Los Angeles.  I couldn't even count how many "dog head-tilts" we've gotten after telling our new Boston neighbors that previous sentence.   Traditionally the migration patterns of young urban professionals tend to head toward California, not away from it.  But my husband and I decided to take the big plunge, for better or for worse.  To tell you the truth it's pretty amazing out here so far. I highly recommend those of you who haven't left the safe-haven sun and fun of the Southwest should try living back East.  It's a whole new ballgame, I'll just leave it at that!  We will always love the West Coast (Left Coast!) and it will always be our home, but for now it's humid summers and brutal Nor'easter!!    The weather for one could be better, but I'm not complaining.  The city is in our backyard and I don't even own a car out here.  Try telling a fellow Los Angelino that! 

I’ve lived on both sides of this amazing country we call the United States.  And honestly I'd have to admit that both coasts have their pluses and minuses.  Now some areas may have more pluses than others, but they all have their distinct character that provides a uniqueness not found anywhere else.  It's that local flavor that makes the diversity of the United States so interesting.  Just getting used to the interesting spin our Boston Neighbors put on the English Language takes some time.  But you know what... that's character.  And it's not always for the best, but hell, it definitely illustrates a certain personality.  That being said, I am here on the East Coast and want to make the best of it.  Here is a list of a few traits that give this "right coast" some flavor!

The History- as a History and Political Science Major, Boston makes Los Angeles look like a welfare case.  It's amazing we literally live on the hill that shot canons preventing the Red Coats from reinforcing their armies. 

Less Earthquakes- Although I think I prefer an earthquake to a snow storm

Drinking on the Beaches!! Yeeeessss!!!!

Every house doesn't look the same

Brick---- Need I say more?

Attitudes:  Think De Niro in Taxi Driver.

Civic Pride


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