January 11, 2014

Secrets to Removing Women's Facial Hair

Are you using the wrong products on your peach fuzz? We all know what happens when we use the wrong beauty products to remove facial hair. You end up feeling like the bearded lady from Spaceballs.

Just like Lone Star found his Schwartz in Spaceballs you too can find your perfect product to defeat unsightly feminine facial hair. Over 40 million women in the United States are bothered by facial hair. I am sure you have heard the myth that shaving your face will cause the hairs to grow back thicker and darker. The truth is this theory was most likely concocted by the beauty industry to make women spend thousands of dollars trying to eliminate peach fuzz or the dreaded female mustache. The secret to remove facial hair that the beauty industry won't tell you is a simple one, use a razor. While some are better than others, most razors will get the job done. If you razor the fine hairs on your face, your makeup will glide on and your powder and foundation won't become clumpy by attaching to the fuzz on your face. 
There is another secret I an going to share with you. Shaving your face can actually slow down the aging process. Shaving removes the top layers of dead skin and leaves it tight and plump through cellular rejuvenation. 
The moral of this story is: Don't waste your time and hard earned cash on beauty products that promise soft, hair free skin when the answer is already sitting in your bathroom in the form of a $2 leg razor. 

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