December 7, 2013

Friday Night Fashion

Good evening my fellow fashionistas. Are you excited it’s finally Friday night? I know I am. On any given Friday you will most likely find me taking it easy with my besties. Whether it be at a friend’s house, at the movies, or at a local restaurant my style is always casual chic.

To pull off a cute and sexy, yet comfortable look you must start with the basics. That’s right, Jeans. The perfect jean is a staple of anyone’s wardrobe and should be comfortable and flattering. I don’t like to recommend one particular style because everybody is different. Instead, I will give you some style tips to help slim you down while highlighting your curves and giving you a more feminine look.

You want to look for style and color that will hug your bottom half in all the right places. Next, you want to shop according to your body type. Here is a list of the different styles of jean and what body type looks best in each one.

High-rise with flared-leg jeans: This style is known for its high waste and flared leg. It is pulled from the 1960’s and 70’s and has made a very big comeback. If you want to be on the trendier side then these are for you. However they do not look good on just any figure. If you have an apple or inverted triangle shaped body then this style was made for you.

Straight Jeans: This style is the most classic form of jeans for women. They are snug but not as tight as skinny jeans and they have a straight leg opening. If your body shape is an apple or pear or you have strong calves this style is perfect for you. It will slim you down, hide your calves, and give you the illusion of having longer legs.

Skinny Jeans: This style has a tight fit with a small leg opening. This style is made for the rectangular body type. If one of your favorite body parts is your slim and/or long legs this style will show off your best asset. If you have shorter legs, don’t fear because this style will make your legs appear to be longer and slimmer.

Boyfriend Jeans: This style is very modern carrying the idea that they look like the denim your boyfriend wears. This style is slouchy and loose at the hips. This style looks great on apple, pear, or hourglass figures. It will also complement taller women but if you are on the shorter side steer clear as they will make you look even smaller.

High Waisted Jeans: Think skinny jeans with a high waist. This style is great for apple and inverted triangle body types and looks great on women with thin legs and a long slim waist.

There are so many styles of jeans that I could go on forever and coming up in the near future I will do just that. With a blog dedicated to both men and women’s jean styles. However, I think I have given you enough choices for the night at hand. Now that I have your bottom covered lets cover up your top half. Considering the recent drop in temperature I think the perfect way to top of jeans when going for a casual chic look is to pair them with a sweater. This is where you can have some fun with Styles, colors, and fabrics. A flattering sweater is easy to find if you know what to look for. Here are few things to look for in your hunt for the perfect sweater.

Length: Do not choose a sweater that cuts of any part of your body that you are not too fond of because that will only draw attention to it and that is not what you want. If your trouble areas are your hips and thighs then find a sweater that ends just above the hips. If your mid-section is your worry find a long slim fit sweater to give the appearance of a long and lean torso. If you are not happy with most areas then a cardigan with asymmetrical lines will help you avoid all issues.

Material: Some sweaters make you look and feel bulky all over. If this happens to you then look for a finer knit. My favorite is cashmere which is extremely soft and very warm. I realize cashmere is not in everyone’s budget so another fabric to choose would be cotton or viscose.

Sleeves: If you have thin wrists you should show them off with a quarter length sleeve. If you want to hide your arms because they may not be your favorite body part then choose a sweater with slim fitting sleeves.

Neckline: If you have larger busts choose a v neck. If you are on the slender side choose a crew neck or turtle neck sweater. If you have broad shoulders then wear a style with a boat neck.

It is all in the details. If you would like to show of a favorite feature then cover it with an embellishment. This will trick the eye to look right at that feature. If you are slender and would like to appear as though you are curvaceous, wear a belt around your waist (not your hips). This will give you the appearance of having an hourglass figure.

Your top and bottom half are as comfortable and chic as can be so what’s next? Why shoes of course. Your choice of footwear for a Friday night will weigh heavily on what you plan to do. It is also important to choose the right shoe based on the style of pant you are wearing. Here are a few options:

Skinny Jeans, cigarette pants, or straight leg jeans:

Thong Sandals


Streamlined Sneakers (not your bulky tennis shoes)

Tall boots (ones that hit right below the knee look the best with this style)

Flared Jeans:

Ankle boots

Pointed toe heels

Dressing effortlessly chic is a simple look so you don’t want to overdo it, but accessories are a girl’s best friend. I love to top off my sweater and jeans with a scarf. The style you choose will weigh heavy on the temperature outside. A few rules to keep in mind when you choose a scarf:

• Choose one that is a shade or two brighter than your sweater

• If you are dressing more on the elegant side then a pashmina will top off the look nicely. Choose a light or dark neutral color

• Knit scarfs are always a great look. Choose a dark neutral color for Knit scarfs.

• Wool, Cotton, or Gauzy summer scarfs look great in any color. I like to choose brighter colors to add a pop to your outfit. Choose shades lemon yellow, mint green, and gold to make a statement.
If you choose to wear a scarf then earrings are not out of the question but I recommend you stick with some simple diamond studs so as not to overdue the look. Rules to abide by when wearing jewelry really depend on your hair style. Here are a few tips to follow:
• If you wear your hair down or tucked behind the ears go for chandelier earrings

• Loose waves pair great with hoops and create a modern boho look

• Chignons and ponytails also work well with chandelier style earrings

• Delicate chains look great paired with chunky beads

• Sculptured cuffs look great alone or paired with some bangles for a more modern appeal

Now that you have some ideas about what to wear the next time you go out on a friday night hopefully getting ready will be as effortless as 5th grade homeroom.  Until next time......If it fits work it and if it works rock it.

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