December 13, 2012

Rocking around the Christmas Tree in Style

When it comes to holiday parties, ugly is the new hot. In case you haven’t
heard, ugly Christmas sweater parties—to which revelers wear their tackiest  holiday sweaters, and sometimes hats, vests, and accessories too—are all the rage in certain pockets of the United States.
Once just a Hipster Holiday tradition, everyone is now embracing the ugly Christmas sweater party.
The tacky Christmas sweater has become an ironic Yuletide staple lead by a growing number of themed parties and specialty stores servicing the demand for this garment. There are many reasons this phenomenon could be taking over the holiday party circuit.  I think during the holidays people are just looking to have a good time so why not look silly in the process.
The current taste for irony and nostalgia is a reaction by younger people who are grappling with the hypocrisy of politicians and other social leaders.
We live in such cynical times, so to go back to something like a friendly grandma sweater from a time that seems like it wasn’t so mean is a wonderful idea. 

If you already own a laughably ugly holiday sweater—one adorned with frolicking reindeer, giant snowflakes, oversized candy canes, or any other Christmas icon commonly found on holiday wrapping paper—you’re good to go. If the sweater in question is adorned with flashing lights, bells, or sequins, that’s even better.
But if all your holiday clothing is just too nice, a wide and possibly itchy selection of ugly Christmas wear is just a click or two away.  I have found a few sweaters for your viewing pleasure and below each picture is a link to the website for purchase if you dare. (more sweaters to choose from at the individual sites: Enjoy!!!)

So how do you rock that ugly Christmas sweater? The answer is you don’t, but with a smile, a silly hat and tons of confidence, everyone will want what your wearing, that ugly Christmas sweater.


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