December 14, 2012

Fashin Forward Friday: Christmas Party Edition

Christmas parties are around the corner and it is a struggle for so many of us every year to decide what to wear. Is this dress ok, or is it too much? Can I wear these sparkles or do I look like a disco ball? My boss is going to be there so my dress shouldn’t be too tight or short... And so on and so on. So I decided to give you a little inspiration when deciding what to wear to that certain soirĂ©e.
When choosing an outfit for your company Christmas party, you have to consider a variety of factors including if the event is formal or black tie, its location and time of day. You want to dress up, but not wear anything too sexy.,Once you have found the perfect dress, you can experiment with accessories. Here are some fabulous ideas for what to wear to your company Christmas party.

Red Heels or a Little Red Dress or Anything red for that matter
Get in the Christmas spirit by wearing red. Red accessories can add a blast of color to any outfit. Choose from red jewelry, handbags, belts, shoes and other red accessories.
You can never really go wrong with a LRD.

If reds not your color but you feel festive, wear a gold mini dress.

Beaded Clutch
Of course you will need a fabulous bag. Select a clutch that is small but not so small that it can't hold your keys, cellphone, a compact and lipstick.
Fur Cape
When the weather is chilly, you don't want to put on a thick jacket when dressing up. Instead, consider splurging on an evening cape. A cape is dramatic and sophisticated.

For a casual house party or a girls night out, dress up your jeans with a blazer or wear a pair of skinny pants , or a pencil skirt worn with a festive sweater and finish the look with a pair of kitten heels.

The most important thing to remember when you are getting ready for a Christmas party is to have fun. So tree!

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