December 18, 2012

Odd Christmas gifts for the person who has everything

Do you have a "hard to buy for" person on your gift list? Sometimes when we don't know what to buy for someone we end up getting them some kind of impersonal, generic gift such as a fruit cake. Now I know there are people who actually like fruit cake, but even then, if we are going to get one for them we should know exactly which kind they like because all fruit cakes are not created equal. Instead of a wasting money on something you know they wont enjoy,  why not get them something fun and unusual?
Something that the person who has everything doesn't have...nothing!

Start them young

Always misplacing your guitar pics?

For the social fobic friend in your life

Forget the fur coat.
How much fun would it be to see what your pet is up to when your gone?

For the Treki fan in your life

Is it a bear or a lamp?

Fun for the whole family

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