December 18, 2012

It Just wouldnt Feel Like Christmas Without the Family Christmas Card

The First Christmas Card
The first commercial Christmas card was commissioned by Henry Cole in 1843. He ordered 1000 copies of the card designed by John C Horsley which depict a family enjoying a festive drink together; Religious greetings cards came some years later. The cards were advertised for sale in the Athenaeum newspaper and cost 6 pennies each thus making them a very expensive luxury item. The card was described in the advert as 'Just published. A Christmas Congratulation Card: or picture emblematic of Old English Festivity to Perpetuate kind recollections between Dear Friends.'

Three of the remaining eighteen cards from the first batch produced by Henry Cole were auctioned by Sotheby's in New York In December 2011 One card was sold for $10,500, another one sold for $4,250 and the card bearing the design pictured above sold for $7,000.

How cute and festive and tasteful this first Christmas card was.  We have come a long way since then....

I think he disagrees

National Geo-Graphic Violence

What was this family thinking?

Where's the pinata

Rudolph the red nosed....

Wow at least it's creative

Ok a barbershop

Rudolph, you'll go down in history as the most-beat-up kid in class after these go out

At least they look happy

They gave all their clothes to charity this year

Apple of their eye
They're cat people

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