November 9, 2012

Fashion Forward Friday: What to wear this Thanksgiving

 The holiday season is officially upon us, a time for parties, get-togethers and dinners starting with Thanksgiving. This historic feast represents the love and appreciation we have for our families, our relationship to the nation we live in, and how much we enjoy getting together to eat scrumptious food.  Thanksgiving dinner is the perfect opportunity to ease into your holiday wardrobe.  Knitted sweaters, leather jackets, sweater dresses, prints, and patterns galore! Have fun with your fashionable side this Thanksgiving.

Being an autumn holiday, the best choice of colors for Thanksgiving outfits would be dark and rich earthy colors.  This can get a little boring if you’re not careful. If you choose an outfit in dark shades of grey, taupe, black, or dark brown pair it with accents of bright orange, yellow, purple, or blue.  This color contrast will create a striking appearance and break the monotony of such dark shades. 

Sweaters and cardigans are of course a fashionably perfect way to dress for Thanksgiving. Discover the many possibilities a sweater or a cardigan.  You can choose from chunky to cowl neck to long and short, or even a sweater dress with a pair of pumps if you feel the urge to
be sexy for the holiday!

Worried you'll sample a little too much of your cooking before the guests arrive? Opt for an oversize blazer. It looks chic, and will hide any stray blobs of cranberry sauce.

Going to be in the kitchen all day and/or chasing after little ones?  If this is you then flats are in order. Opt for a stylish, but comfortable, option and dress them up with cute wrap dress or LBD in a soft  fabric. Accessorize with some patterned tights and your favorite earrings to complete the look.

No kids? Single? If this is you, go wild with a fun printed dress with bare legs and nude heels, but add a stylish cuff to pump up the glam factor.

Just remember, being stylish at Thanksgiving does not mean having to sacrifice comfort or style. Let us give thanks for all of the wonderful choices we have when getting dressed for any occasion. Thanksgiving is not a time to spend hours deciding what to wear; it’s about giving thanks for all of the wonderful blessings in your life.

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