October 11, 2012

Show your Support

This month is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Even if you didn’t know that before, you have probably noticed many more sightings of the color pink in unexpected places this month, such as the Football Field.

Some of you may be wondering when October became breast cancer awareness month and why.  So fo rthose of you who would like to know the history I have laid it out for you in the timeline below.
1990: Breast Cancer Action is formed in San Francisco. The advocacy group is concerned that most breast cancer fundraising goes to improving screening and treatment and not on determining the cause.
1990: The Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation's Race for the Cure in New York City hands out bright pink visors to runners.
Early 1990s: American Charlotte Haley, whose grandmother, mother and daughter all had breast cancer, distributes peachcoloured ribbons with cards urging legislators to fund prevention research. 1992: Evelyn Lauder, corporate vice-president of Estée Lauder and Alexandra Penney, editor-inchief of Self, want to promote Haley's ribbon campaign, but she refuses. Lauder changes the ribbon colour to pink and hands out 1.5 million pink ribbons at its cosmetics counters.
1993: Avon introduces a pink enamel and gold-coloured loop-shaped pin.
1999: The Ottawa Congress Centre displays 1,200 glamour portraits of California women with breast cancer, part of an effort to create a "mile of survival" in Washington, D.C. Organizer Marilyn Gayler Axelrod, who had breast cancer, says women like the experience of being glamorized and she wants to show that women with breast cancer can still be beautiful.
2001: Researcher and journalist Barbara Ehrenreich's Welcome to Cancerland: A Mammogram Leads to a Cult of Pink Kitsch is published in Harper's Magazine. Ehrenreich, who had been diagnosed, describes breast cancer culture as a "cult."
"The products - teddy bears, pink-ribbon brooches, and so forth - serve as amulets and talismans, comforting the sufferer and providing visible evidence of faith," she writes.
2003: Breast Cancer Action launches the Think Before You Pink campaign, urging consumers to question the motives of cause marketers. The campaign includes an ad with a photo of a Eureka vacuum cleaner vacuuming up a pink ribbon and the question: 'Who's really cleaning up?'
If you feel like supporting this cause here are a few of my favorite products:

Each of these bottles will have a pink ribbon tag and pink cap. In addition, OPI will make a $25,000 donation to the Susan G. Komen For The Cure foundation

Estée Lauder offers this gorgeous makeup set which includes a chic makeup bag and Pure colour Lipstick in wildly Pink. Buy this and 20% of its retail price is donated to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation
Stila positive and pretty palette

This limited edition palette contains 4 beautiful shadows, a blush and a highligter. 10% of its proceeds will be donated to a variety of Breast Cancer foundations

Chi Pink 1 Inch Breast Cancer Awareness Dazzle Flat Iron and Silk Infusion


  1. I wore my pink shorts to the gym today!

  2. Awesome! They make it so easy to donate now adays almost all big coorporations give a portion of proceeds to Breast cancer. I always buy yoplait and send in the lids. How are you Erika? We need to get together soon.


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