October 12, 2012

Fashion Forward Friday: PR Recap: Hometown Visits and Fashion Week

I felt like I was watching the bachelor last night when Tim Gunn visited each designer’s hometown.  It was interesting to see where each designer grew up.  First stop was Massapequa, New York, Christopher’s home town.  Second stop was Manhattan, New York, Fabio’s Home town.  Third stop was Jersey City, New Jersey Dmitry’s home town.  Fourth and last stop was San Francisco, California, Mellissa’s hometown. Each designer had $9,000 and five weeks to create their final collections, and each collection consisted of three looks.
The judges are Michael Kors, Nina Garcia, and Heidi.  No guest judge this week. 

Onto the Runway


First Look (I would wear this)

I do like this dress.  The geometric lines give it a cool look.

Second Look (I would wear the pants)

I like the pants; they're interesting and the waistband works on the runway but the sheer top, ruffly shoulders and beaded detail on the bib was just way to much going on.

Third Look (I wouldn't wear this)

Yuck. Too much Fringe and with that sheer top. I'm shocked and disappointed by what he sent down the runway.

The Judges:

Nina thinks it's polished and expensive and the white dress is very beautiful. She thinks he's come a long way, but he has to push himself more on the styling. Michael thinks he has a lot of ideas, and the result is too much. The jacket is overshadowed by the slutty, sheer top. 


First Look (I might wear the vest)

I thought this look was cute.

Second Look (I might wear the top)

I don't like the leather shorts and the top would be cute but paired with something else. The back of the top with the chain is nice -- but would only work on a few women. 

Third Look (I would wear this)

I thought this skirt was cute and the bustier was a nice touch.  I also like the design and color.

The Judges:

Michael thinks the volume wasn't turned up enough. Heidi tells him his first look was boring. Michael loves the prints, but he thinks he didn't do enough. Nina was surprised he went so dark, but she thought the clothes all looked too similar


First Look (I wouldn't wear this)

Maybe the pants are cute but not with this outfit.  It looks like crazy beachwear and what's with the bowl wig?

Second Look (I wouldn't wear this)

This outfit would make a normal woman look big. 

Third Look (I wouldn't wear this)

"The pink dress tells a story," says Fabio. Of what? Wacky women with bowl haircuts who wear triangle neckalces?

The Judges:

Heidi thinks it just works. Michael thinks it's very cool that he took sweet colors and made them modern. He also liked the demented shoes. He likes the cutouts, but some combinations aren't well balanced. And gives him props for using color. Nina loves the vest, but she's worried that his stuff doesn't look expensive. She sees junior department.

First Look (I would wear the shorts)

The perforated leather shorts are cute and I like the belt, but whats with the rest of the outfit.  I dub this gothic slut. 

Second Look (I would wear the jacket)

I like the jacket but the pants and top are nothing special.

Third Look (I would wear it)

I like the black leather dress --Where is the color and whats with the black wigs? 

The judges:

Heidi thinks it's very goth. She thinks the jacket is very cool. The dress is almost too simple. She wishes she'd seen more of her range. Michael tells her saving your showstoppers for Fashion Week is stupid.
Michael loves the two handbags, but he hates the wigs. Nina wants to know if there's some color. She thinks the clothes are cool, but she needs some color. And she thinks the sleeves on the jacket are too Robin Hood. 

The Winner is: Christopher, Fabio, Dmitry and Melissa they are all going to Fashion Week!
Did you agree with the judges?  Should someone have gone home?

Sources:  All photos courtesy of Lifetime.com

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