September 21, 2012

Fashion Forward Friday: Project Runway Recap: Episode 10

This weeks challenge was to design a modern look for the Rockettes versatile enough to be worn year-round. The winner will have his or her design worn at one of the Rockettes’ upcoming performances!!! The designers got two days and $250 to create a show stopping costume.
Debra Messing is the guest judge. She is the ultimate PR groupie and Christopher is her number one fan.
Christopher: (I would wear it)

Well-executed and eye-catching without being gaudy. Love the inspiration behind this piece and how elegant his model looked with all of its illusion and shimmering buildings. Michael Kors says it’s a major Bob Mackie moment (he’s referring to the costume designer who designed for the likes of Cher, Judy Garland, and Liza Minnelli).
Fabio: (I wouldn't wear it)

I liked the tough attitude and metallic shine of this look, but it seemed armor-like. The skirt had movement, but overall the look felt heavy, I would describe it as suit of armor meets skating rink.
Dimitry: (I would wear it)

It’s sharp, well-made and definitely makes an impact. I love the movement of the fringed skirt and the interest he created with the strong, architectural lines. Really beautiful. Nina appreciates that it’s bare but covered up. He has created beautiful lines and combined both sex appeal with athleticism.
Melissa: (I would wear it)

Love the bold pink and graphic black combination.  The styling was adorable. When her model comes down the runway, she’s shocked to see that her design creates an enormous “1” on the chest of the model. I think her art deco idea is clever and the bright pink she used is fun.
Sonjia: (I wouldn't wear it)

Bizarre. Her model looked like a bird whose body had been plucked, leaving only feathers at the shoulders and skirt. Please return to the kitchen and make something palatable from this bird! It’s unlikely the dancers could kick kick kick kick covered in delicate feathers and Nina believes that having dozens of those looks on stage would create a turkey fest.
Elena: (I wouldn't waer it)

This look assaulted my eyeballs. It has too many details and it's not very modern.  Michael Kors thinks the model looks like a Las Vegas cheerleader and Debra Messing says it’s a beautiful costume… for the circus.
Ven: (I would wear it)

I feel that Ven used too much restraint and didn’t push himself. However, I thought this look was beautiful none the less. Ven’s look is attacked for being under-designed. Nina wants more drama, Michael Kors wants more T&A, but surprisingly, Debra messing is into it. She’s enjoying the simplicity and movement.
Christopher wins with his beautiful NYC skyline number .
Someone must go home, and this week it’s Ven. The best line during deliberations is Michael Kors giving Ven a drag name: ORIGAMI ROSE. Take away his fanning technique and he is very limited, even if his construction is impeccable.
Side note: PR should have used real Rockettes as models to do some kick kick kicks at the end of the runway.
How are you all feeling about tonight’s decisions? What about the challenge? Leave your thoughts in the comments.


  1. ‘Origami Rose,’ is the best drag name in history! I love the one-liners from Michael Kors and Tim Gunn. Unfortunately, I missed the past episode of “Project Runway,” because of my new work schedule at DISH. I love the contestants this season, and it brings back memories of when the show first started. My Hopper recorded this episode, and I’ve pre-set the rest of the season since I will miss it because of work. Sonjia and Melissa are my favorites, and I hope they snap out of their dry spell, and create the fabulous designs they know how to make.

  2. I agree with you on Melissa and Sonjia. I'm sad Ven left without wowing us I know he has the ability to step out of his fanning technique and show us something different and exciting but oh well I'm rooting for Sonjia to win now. I'm a huge Michael Khors fan I think my favorite one liners are "she looks like a teal charmeuse disco pumpkin and in season 2 when Daniel made that jacket and sheath dress for Chloe, and Kors called it "Bitchy...80's...sort of Knots Landing" haha he cracks me up. Anyway...thanks for the comment Carmen


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