September 14, 2012

Fashion Forward Friday: Project Runway Recap

This week is the HP and Intel challenge and the designers have to create a textile inspired by their cultural heritage and incorporate it into a modern runway look
On the Runway
Anya Ayoung-Chee and Mondo Guerra joined the judges’ panel this week.
Sonjia: ( I Would Wear It )

Love this look! One of the most successful garments on the runway. The pants are cut beautifully.  She looks elegant.
Elena: ( I Would Wear It )

 I really thought that the print and silhouette of this design worked. I think that the colors she used really softened her harsh line/silhouette. Successful!
Christopher: ( I Would Wear It )

I wish he would have embraced the print and tried to use it to its strength. When he covered it in organza, it got messy. 
Ven: ( I Might Wear It )

 This dress was so disconnected. There was an information overload with the three dresses smashed into one. It was confusing. And what about the unprecedented appearance of Tim Gunn with the judges?  Was that a Project Runway first?!
Fabio: ( I Wouldn't Wear It )

Once again Fabio was one of my highest scores in this challenge. I thought the cut of the top, the trousers, and the styling was very fashion forward. The print was very cool.
Melissa: ( I Would Wear It )

 It’s a smart design. I can see how the neckline influences the shape of the shoulders. It’s definitely an eye-catching print. I absolutley love this dress!
Gunnar: ( I Wouldn't Wear It )

 The print was very chaotic to me. I appreciate the message and inspiration behind the print, but the print itself felt busy. The jacket was boxy and looked crafty.
Dmitry: ( I Would Wear It )

 The take-away piece here is really the jacket. I agree with everyone! I just wish he would have used more of the print. It’s a print challenge!
It clearly comes down to Sonjia and Dmitry, and Dmitry gets his first win! Good for him for coming out on top by doing something he hasn’t done before (separates). Even Elena smiles!
Ven claims that no one in the workroom has told him to stop with his tired fanned looks and this results in a strange PR moment during deliberations.  The judges actually ask Tim Gunn to speak to them about Ven’s claim. Tim’s voice is shaking like a kid accused of cheating! But he confirms he has spoken with Ven before about his overused technique. Heidi scarily warns Ven that he’s out if he uses the fanning again.
Ultimately, though, Gunnar is voted off.  He’s been very confused about his point of view along the way but he’s a total sweetheart and it’s sad to see him go.
Your turn: which print do you think was the strongest? What about the strongest overall look? What was your favorite moment of the episode?

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