August 23, 2012

Funny Wedding Pictures

Funny Wedding Day Photo's
Warning to those with weak stomach's beware of the dresses towards the end!
Nudist wedding

Nudist Wedding

Who would get married in McDonald's?


I'm not sure what they are going for here

Painted on

To late now buddy

She/He can marry him/herself

Gothic style or Rocky Horror?



I don't even know where to begin

Drag Queen model

no words

Is she wearing a giant condom? reminds me of naked gun

This is so disgusting, who would make this?

Russian nesting doll, bridal style

nightlight anyone?

She looks like a soft serve ice cream cone

spider web?

The worlds ugliest bridesmaids dresses

Naked wedding


I wonder which ones are the bridesmaids and which ones are the groomsmen

super wedding

Fire your seamstress

That wedding looks fun


Is that dress made of sporks?

Trying to break dance?

This guy is chill

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