August 24, 2012

Fashion Forawrd Friday: Real Women

This week on Lifetime‘s Project Runway, the designers are tasked with creating looks for “real women.” But what is it that has everyone losing respect for Ven Budhu as a designer and a person?
Last night on Project Runway….

Tim Gunn and Johnny Lavoy, the show’s consulting hair stylist, meet with the contestants to explain their challenge. This week, each designer will be working with a pair of friends; one of whom is setting the other up with a makeover. So, instead of models, they’ll be creating looks for real women.

In the Workroom
Ven will probably wake up to a flurry of hate mail Friday morning after his appalling behavior toward his full-figured client, Terri. He was insulting, dismissive, and just plain rude to her when he should have been empowering her through his designs. It was very hard to watch.

Terri -- you are a lovely woman who deserved to have a fun and transformative experience on Project Runway. Do not let Ven or anybody make you feel bad about your size. You’re beautiful just the way you are!
Ven has successfully bullied his way into villain territory. No amount of floral origami can hide his true colors now. I echo Fabio’s statement that after seeing how Ven treated his client, I don’t think he is refined, sophisticated, or elegant.

At another workstation, Gunnar surprised me with his warm and supportive approach to his client, Kim. He really took the time to comfort her and understand her needs. Even Elena showed her humanity for this challenge. Both earned points for me. It’s refreshing to see these designers put aside their egos to help another person.

On the Runway
British designer Alice Temperley is this week’s guest judge and after some brief words from Heidi, it’s runway time!

Nathan:(I wouldn't wear this)
 Yikes. This design would fit in nicely at Frederick’s of Hollywood. The mesh and shiny satin read tacky and cheap. Nathan abandoned his taste and turned from designer to tailor. I don’t see his point of view here at all.

Elena: (I would wear it)
This is a cute look. The proportions are flattering and her client definitely looks more polished. I’m glad that Elena practiced some restraint this week and sent something quieter down the runway.

Melissa: (I couldn't see the dress)
The scarf took center stage in this look. It was impossible to see any design details of this little black dress because of it. Too bad.

Gunnar: (I wouldn't wear it)
This dress had great movement and spirit and Kim definitely had the most memorable runway walk of the bunch! However, I wasn’t crazy about the bib detail on the bust -- it looked crooked and unnecessary.

Alicia:(I might wear it)
 I appreciate that Alicia delivered something unexpected for her, but thought that this dress was questionable. The sweetness of the neckline and color clashed with the sexiness of those sheer cutouts. Is she a good girl or a naughty girl? However, it was a cute dress.

Christopher: (I would wear it)
As much as he balked about how quickly his client took off her jacket, I think the look was actually stronger without it. The dress was very flattering and looked expensive and well-made.

Ven: (I might wear the skirt with another top)
Ven really did his client no favors. I do not like the zipper slit on that skirt -- it looks out of place with how conservative the rest of the look is. The skirt is cute and i know he was trying to achieve a counterpoint between the soft top and more structured skirt, but the two elements did not gel together.

Dmitri: (I would wear it)
I thought Dmitri’s client was one of the biggest transformations of the group.I loved this dress. I also loved the color of the dress and it fit her beautifully. She looks modern and cool.
 Fabio:(I would wear it sans purse, neclace, belt, and shoes)
 The silhouette of the dress was relatively simple, but the angles and dimension he created with the different gray panels gave the look a lot of interest.  I did not like the belt or the shoes. However all by itself This is a dress that is both quiet and attention-grabbing at the same time.

Sanjia: (I might wear this)
While I kind of liked the twisted draping technique, it overwhelmed her client’s petite frame and the hem was too short. A longer skirt would have helped give the bodice detail more room to breathe.

The Top:

Dmitry’s well-made (always) dress is up there because his client’s confidence shines through. The fabric choice is spot on according to Michael Kors and it is all beautifully tailored. The styling is also fabulous between her blunt haircut and studded clutch but this is not a winning look.
The gray, geometric dress Fabio put together for his film student is powerful yet feminine (although could have been shorter)–  Heidi says she can tell his client is an artist. Bravo! It’s an incredible transformation.

And the typically unlikable Gunnar really shines in this episode. He says that he wanted to design something that would move with his client’s spirit. His client is by far the best model on the runway and Michael Kors thinks she could teach Giselle a thing or two. Her dress is certainly flirty but I truly believe the runway walk is the reason Gunnar made it to the top. But good for him for making his client feel like a million bucks, as she should.

The Bottom:

The judges think Sonjia’s proportions are completely off with her knotted blue dress. The length of the dress is completely short and the knot needs to be lowered. Michael Kors points out that so much extra fabric on a petite woman pulls her down, and Nina suggests that there should have been more chest and shoulder shown. It was a miss although her client seems happy.
The fact of the matter is that Ven’s look probably didn’t need to be in the bottom three but because of his behavior over the course of the episode, he needed a good lashing. I sort of like his skirt although it seems he only went with black because it’s “thinning” when she wanted color. Also, his shiny turquoise top is a strange cut and the fabric is ugly. There is a tearful moment in which his client’s friend goes on about what a wonderful woman Ven was designing for and how he completely overlooked her wonderful qualities because he was completely blinded by his frustration that he wasn’t designing for a 6’2, 120 pound model. Ven does not apologize at all, which certainly could have been the editing. Nonetheless, it’s disappointing, and he’s made himself even more unlikeable.
Nathan’s R&B artist client and her friend are actually very pleased with the stage look he puts together but Heidi says it looks cheap and she looks like a “hoochie mama” which Michael Kors so kindly translates to British for Alice Temperley as a “tart.” Michael Kors also says that the look combines many a cliché including the use of tight satin (“Tight Satin??? No human being should wear tight satin!”)

Winner: Fabio

Auf Wiedersehen: Nathan

Do you agree with the judges? Do you think Nathan should have gone home?

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