June 8, 2012

Fashion Forward Friday-What to Wear to the Beach

   The weather is starting to warm up a little and I am looking forward to heading to the beach each weekend.  Now I just have to decide what to wear.  The most important article of clothing to wear at the beach is, of course, the swimsuit. Although there are lots of swimsuit styles, the bikini remains the most popular style to wear at the beach.

Finding the right swimsuit is very important, so if wearing a bikini terrifies you or you feel it is unflattering on you, choose a one piece or a tankini, this look is great for women who want the look of a one piece but the versatility of a two-piece.  Bikinis and Tankinis are frequently sold in separate pieces so women who wear different sizes on top and bottom can easily find a fit. 

 Now that you have your swimsuit picked out you will need a cover-up.  Some type of cover-up on the way to and from the beach and any time you are not sunning.  A cover up will also come in handy off the beach, for example, if you’re going to lunch close to the beach, you can slip on your cover up and be perfectly attired for lunch or wherever your day takes you.  If you are short on cash or just want to wear a unique cover-up you can make your own.  All you will need is a beach towel, bath towel, or bath sheet.  Just be sure it is long enough to wrap around you with a lot of overlap in front.  You will also need a hand towel in a complementary color and a disappearing marker.  Just follow these directions to create your own towel wrap. 

Now you have your suit and cover-up, next you’ll need a sun hat.  For a little bit of shade on your face pick a hat that is made of straw or cotton fabric with a brim  .Make sure you choose a hat that flatters your face shape if you want to look your best in a hat, you need to select a hat that compliments your face shape.  The shape, style, and size of a hat can make or break your look.  It can shorten or lengthen even emphasize the shape of your face.  Short women should choose a beach hat with a brim no wider than their shoulders in order to maintain the best proportion.  Otherwise the hat may look to big or out of proportion.  If you are taller you can go for a wider brimmed hat just be sure it compliments your shape. 

Swimsuit, cover-up, and hat in tow next up you’ll need shades.  Sunglasses are an essential item to take to the beach so be sure to get a fashionable pair that flatters you.  There are some factors to consider when purchasing sunglasses.  Pick frames that are the opposite shape of your face, this will add proportion and balance.  For a round face, choose frames that are equal to or slightly wider than the broadest part of your face.  For example, oversized sunglasses will make your face look longer and leaner.  Rectangular or angular shapes offset roundness, as well, so square shades, cat eyes, sport sunglasses, or wayfarers are perfect for you.  Oval face shapes are ideal you can basically pull off any type of round or square frame, as long as you keep proportion in mind.  Smaller frames look best on petite faces, while larger frames are suited for bigger ones. Aviators can help shorten and soften your face.  A heart shaped or triangle face is characterized by a wide forehead and pointed chin.  Some popular cat eye and butterfly designs help to balance a narrow jaw line with upswept, wide angles at the top of the frames.  Any frames that are wider on the top than the bottom work well.  A square face is characterized by a rectangular jaw line, a wide forehead and wide cheekbones.  To soften these angular features opt for glasses with soft lines or rimless edges, like round, classic aviator, or shield frames.  Cat eyes can also work well on square shapes because they soften and add dimension. Swimsuit, cover-up, hat, and shades in tow next up you’ll need a beach bag.  Normally carrying a big bag can make a short woman look overwhelmed.  However, you will need a bag big enough to carry all the essentials, and extras for the day.  Straw or canvas bags are best for the beach.  Swimsuit, cover-up, hat, shades, and towel, check now you’ll need flat sandals or flip flops.  Sand heats to high temps so you need to protect your feet.  Choose flats as they will be the best for walking around in the sand.  Next on the list is a big fluffy beach towel.  They come in all sorts of colorful designs so you should have no problem finding one that suits your fancy.  Now that you have assembled all the essentials, just add sunscreen, a hot summer day, and a smile, now go have some fun in the sun.

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