May 21, 2012

Fit, Flattering, and Functional

    Everybody loves summer weather, but shopping for that weather can be a little tricky.  There are hundreds of choices of bathing suits out there but not every suit fits every body.  In this post I will teach you how to pick the perfect swimsuit for your body type.  Be sure to leave ample time to shop.  You do not want to buy a swimsuit in a rush.  Impulse buys are never good, so relax and try to enjoy the experience as much as possible so you can be sure to choose the correct bathing suit to accentuate your silhouette.
   First, you want your suit to fit well and enhance your best features.  Second, you want your suit to be functional and comfortable for whatever you have in store for the day.  Third, you want your suit to be flattering so make sure you feel sexy and confident when you step out of the dressing room and onto the beach.
   If you are like me and small on top:  The new and trendy Brazilian bathing suits are made for small busted women and fit accordingly.  Look for tops that have a little padding, under wire, or demi-bra.  Make sure your suit has adjustable straps so you can tighten and adjust to fit as needed to help fill out your suit.  Go for the bandeau tops because only small busted women can wear this look well.  Avoid too much fabric or a suit that has a poor fit.

Bandeau Top Bikini

   If you are large on top:  Halter tops and V necks are best for you.  Look for an under wire and thick straps to help with support.  Try a look with a banded midriff style that can be tied in back and around the neck.  This style will give you lift and allow for personal adjustment.  If you want to wear a one piece, look for one with structure in the bust, like soft foam cups or a shelf bra.  For a clean look, try a straight cut bust with wide shoulder straps.  Avoid strapless, tri-tops, and bandeau because they offer minimal support.

Halter top Bikini
   If you have a short torso and/or short legs:  Try a suit with a high cut thigh.  If you have big hips this cut will accentuate your tiny waist.  Vertical stripes can lengthen you and a solid bottom with a printed top will draw the eye upward for a longer look.  Avoid boy shorts and skirted tankinis they draw the eye down making you look shorter.
Vertical Striped Bikini

   If you have a long body shape:  Go wild with embellishments on your hips and bust.  Try ties, bows, and jewels.  Horizontal stripes will help as well.  If you want a one piece try a cut out suit it will break up your torso just like a bikini does.  Try boy shorts and skirts but avoid downward stripes, high necklines, and solid dark colors.

Cut Out Suit
   If you have no waist:  Create curves with a one piece cut high on the thigh.  A belted waistline on a one-piece, a draped surplice detail that pinches at the waist, or a curvy streamline that runs down each side of the torso.  Bikinis are good, especially strapless or bandeau.  Go for a wild pattern on top with solid bottoms.  Avoid solid and horizontal striped one pieces.
Belted Waistline

If you are plus size:  A one piece with draping around the waist can help control the tummy.  Avoid tiny bikinis and boy shorts.  Do not wear anything to skimpy or with lots of ruffles.  Look for a solid one piece in a dark color for slimming appearance.

Solid One Piece
   Hopefully this post has helped you in considering what suit to buy this summer.  Just remember the three F's when your in the dressing room. 
Fit, Flattering, and Functional.

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