June 19, 2012

Emily's Extra Rose

   The show kicked off with a 1 on 1 date between Travis the egg man and Emily. They took a stroll through the city, and appeared to get along great. Although sad to be without her daughter for the first time during this journey, Emily is looking forward to putting the drama of last week behind her and enjoying this magnificent city with her guys. As the men arrive at their suite at the Radisson Blue Resort and Spa, Emily delivers the first date cards herself, inviting Travis to ‘look for love beyond the walls.’ The couple explore old town – buying souvenirs, walking the ramparts of the walled city and dancing to local music. Later that evening, at a romantic dinner spot in an ancient fort, Travis opens up about the broken engagement in his past.  Emily revealed she was worried that they might not have any romance, and they didn’t, so she gave him the boot after they ate dinner. He also got misty eyed as he exited. It was really very sad. I kind of felt sorry for him.
The next day, 6 men meet Emily in old town Dubrovnik, where she takes them to a breathtaking historic theater where they see an early screening of Disney’s new Pixar movie titled, “Brave.”. The men had better be paying attention because afterwards, mimicking the movie, they will be asked to dress in kilts and compete in their own Highland Games. The bachelor’s fire arrows throw logs and test each other’s strength. Sean dominates the competition; he even breaks a log in a throwing contest. Chris wasn’t as good at the games but kept smiling, seemed to have a good time and despite it all and kept persistent in the face of defeat. When the games are over, Emily decides to give the award for bravery to Chris because he kept a smile on his face and kept trying even though he lost every event.  Chris also got the rose during the after party.  Way to go Chris.
After a break, they showed 1 on 1 date footage with Cocky Ryan. After a romantic drive up the Adriatic coast, stopping to take photos, meet the locals and even harvest oysters, they return to town for an intimate dinner, and Ryan lays out all the qualities he is looking for in a wife.  Emily said, she liked spending time with him, but kept constantly feeling unsure about him, especially when he kept referring to Emily as a future trophy wife. Ultimately, she decided give him the boot, because she felt they weren’t looking for the same things.
However, Ryan stretched the scene out about an extra 15 minutes, basically, begging Emily to keep him, and trying to convince her, she’s making a mistake. Also, the rest of the guys, cheered, when they saw Ryan’s luggage, being carried away. What was really funny about that is Ryan actually thought he had a good relationship with the guys.
After that, Arie snuck over to Emily’s place, and told her, she made the right decision in dumping Ryan, and they ended up, kissing all night, so that was convenient. Then Emily talked 1 on 1 with a few of the guys at the cocktail party.
Some of the more anxious men use the cocktail party to plead their cases, as one bachelor reveals his vulnerable side while another one assures Emily that he would be her best choice. Finally, the rose ceremony took place. Emily remains conflicted over which men should receive roses and walks out of the room with the final rose in her hand. Towards the end, Emily ran out to get host Chris Harrison to give her an extra rose, so she could keep all the remaining guys. So, Sean, Jef, Arie, Doug, and John all received roses to join Chris, who received a rose, earlier in the show.
That left Travis and Cocky Ryan as the only two unlucky men in this episode.

The eight men still in the running toward becoming are:

Arie, 30, a race car driver from Scottsdale, AZ
Chris, 25, a corporate sales director from Chicago, IL
Doug, 33, a charity director/realtor from Seattle, WA
Jef, 27, an entrepreneur from Salt Lake City, UT
John “Wolf,” 30, a data destruction specialist from St. Louis, MO
Ryan, 31, a pro sports trainer from Augusta, GA
Sean, 28, an insurance agent from Dallas, TX
Travis, 31, an advertising sales representative from Madison, MS

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