June 19, 2012

A Birthday Reflection

This Saturday is my Birthday; I am turning 32 and could not be happier. I have amazing friends, a wonderful and loving family, and a husband whom I would be lost in life without and am beyond grateful for. He has shown me what true love is, Unconditional and forever.  I love you Paul.  It’s funny because I am sitting here today thinking that the previous year has gone by faster than the last. I thought the same thing last year.  This year however seems even faster.  Am I really 32?  When did that happen? Maybe this year, and every year past 30 has seemed faster than usual because I haven’t started parenthood yet. I think when you don’t have children it’s easy to forget you’re aging, because there’s nothing in your immediate surroundings against which you can measure yourself. Children change and grow so quickly that you notice the years more;but apart from some fine lines I’d almost be able to forget what’s happening to me. Aging happens to the best of us…if we’re lucky. And that’s the perspective I try to take. Birthdays are now, primarily, a time to be grateful and not to mourn. Not everyone gets to live this long. Not everyone gets to live a life this good and to know and love such fantastic people. So this is what I choose to focus on. Before I forget, I should really give credit where it’s due — to my parents, particularly my mother. She gave me life and should really be the one getting the party and presents on Saturday. Thanks, Mom!

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