May 22, 2012

Miss Maynard Meets the Muppets

The more I watch Emily the more I like her.  She is adorable, sweet, and reserved.  She is wonderful mom to her beautiful daughter Ricki.  But, after last nights show, is it too much and is she real?  Who is really that perfect?  Last night was episode 2 of Season 8 of the Bachelorette.  Ryan was the first man to receive the date card.  The date started at Emily's house where Ryan helped her bring in groceries and bake cookies for Ricki's soccer game.  Ryan donned Emily's apron and busted out his inner Sara Lee.  Emily took the cookies to the game and asked Ryan to stay in the car while she passed them out to the girls on the soccer field.  Ricki is young and Emily does not want her to meet any of the men yet.  Emily comes back to the car with an extra cookie and juice box for Ryan and he looks adorable sipping on his little juice box.
   Emily goes home to change and Ryan is shown ironing his date clothes shirtless, and considering he is a trainer it was great eye candy. The date continued with Emily picking up Ryan in a hot little red dress.  She handed him the car keys and they were off to a romantic dinner at her favorite local restaurant.  When they arrived all of Charlotte was waiting and they walked the red carpet into the quaint little restaurant.  The conversation started with Emily asking some great, but probably scripted questions.   First, Emily let Ryan know she does not want to "play the game." She then asked him "What do you do when the chase is over and you've got the girl?" Ryan wonders why the chase has to be over, good answer Ryan.  He then went on to ask Emily if she was going to allow " a man to come in and really treat Ricki the same way that he is going to treat the other children he is going to have" with her.  Emily is worried that Ryan is too perfect and she compares him to Brad, but I guess she liked everything he had to say and she wants to give him a chance because she gave him a rose at the end of the date.  They are both Southern and sweet and they make a good treat together.

   After her one on one was over, Emily heads home.  The next day she goes on a group date with 13 guys, including Jeff, Chris, John, and Alessandro.  They did a charity show with the Muppet's to benefit the Ricki Hendrick Centers for Intensive care at the Levine Children's Hospital.  Five men will be dancing, Five men will be singing, and three men will be doing stand up.  All of them promise to be awkward.  Before the show Charlie admitted to Emily he didn't think he could do a sketch because he had a speech issue as a result of an accident.  Emily understood and told him he could dance instead. The whole Muppet's thing was really strange in part of the show Emily asks Kermit to help zip up her dress and Miss Piggy throws a fit.  Miss Piggy has Joe write a poem on the spot, Jeff has to propose to Miss Piggy, and now back to Charlie.  Miss Piggy asks Charlie, "What do you tell a woman when you want to impress her?"  Charlie replies, "remind her every day how beautiful she is, how special she makes me feel, and how lucky I am to have her in my life."  Well done Charlie, I think every woman would agree that is what they would want to hear every day. The show moves on to another skit about kissing a lot of frogs to find a prince and Emily almost kisses Kermit but Miss Piggy interrupts them.  Ricki goes up on stage to help Emily sing with Kermit and this is the first time all the men get to see her.  They managed to raise $20,000 from the event, so great job guys that is impressive.

   After the charity show, Emily got to speak with the men.  Chris steels her away for some one on one time and says he has been nervous for days.  Emily thinks he is really good looking but not self absorbed and she likes that about him.  She tells Jef, the next guy she hangs out with that he makes her feel awkward and he relies telling her he gets awkward around her as well.  I think Jef acts a lot younger than his age and he just does not seem ready for the minivan full of kids. Later into the night, Kalon butted in when Emily was dancing with Stevie, right before Aaron interrupted Stevie and Emily.  Kalon complained to the other guys and started arguing with Stevie.  When it's time to give the date rose Emily picked Jef.  Back at the house a date card appears and Joe gets a one on one with Emily. For this second date, Emily tells Joe it is going to be over the top.  Joe pulls up in a limo to the airport and there is a private jet on the runway.  Emily is ready to take him home.  They are going to West Virginia her home state.  She feels Joe has a fun spirit. On the date they have dinner and start talking about what they want in life.  Emily tells Joe there are so many things about him she likes, but she does not feel a spark.  She hopes it will come.  She starts questioning him, like she did with Ryan.  She asked where he sees himself in 5 years and he says "Happy."  There is a little Clock at the Greenbrier, where they are on their date and this clock is said to be a love clock.  Joe and Emily write their love wishes ad put them in the clock.  Joe wishes he could meet Ricki and Emily's parents.  Emily starts crying and tells him she feels no spark, ad she sends him packing.  Joe goes back to Charlotte, grabs his bags, and goes home.

   Back at the mansion the guys were shocked to see that Joe was not returning.  It is time for the cocktail party and rose ceremony.  Before the party starts, Emily tells the men she is taking this very seriously and that's why she had to send Joe home.  At the party, Arie gets Emily first and he asks her what she does for fun.  She tells him she doesn't really know.  He then tells her he has dated a single mom before and he loves kids.  She tells him he makes her nervous.  Arie is cute and they make a good couple. Trying to get close to Emily, Ryan writes her a long poem.  Since he has a rose already the other guys get aggravated that he is taking up more time with her by making her read this letter.   Tony has to wait a long time before she is done reading and he gets some alone time with Emily.  Tony tells Emily about his son and she tells him she understands what he is going through and that she is there for him.  Kalon has been sitting by himself all night.  He says the other men have made him out to be the outcast and now he just has to have time with Emily and he explains this to her, what a douche.  Doug comes in and saves her.

   Time for the rose ceremony.  Kalon gets the first rose, WHAT!!!  After the douche, Arie, Michael,Nate,Sean,Chris,Doug,Travis,John, Alessandro, Charlie, Alejandro, and Stevie get a rose.  Aaron and Kyle are sent home.
Tune in next Tuesday, and every Tuesday as we follow Emily on her adventure to find the one.

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