May 14, 2012

Manic Monday News Flash

Before I start my post on this drizzly Monday morning in Boston, I would like to give a shout out to my mom and every other mother out there.  I hope you were fussed over and pampered on all weekend long.

What a wonderful weekend it turned out to be, the weather was absolutely beautiful both Saturday and Sunday which was a much a needed change after all the rain we had last week.  Along with the beautiful weather, quite a few news stories were being talked about this weekend.  Here are a couple that caught my attention. and I wanted to get my readers thoughts.

Scientologists beware:
   Yet another lawsuit is accusing John Travolta of sexual battery. This is the third such claim that has popped up against the actor recently.  The first incident allegedly took place at the Beverly hills hotel Jan 16, 2012 where, according to the plaintiff Travolta groped him and then masturbated during the 2hr session.  The plaintiff claims he suffered severe emotional distress and is asking for $2,000,000.00 in damages.  The second incident allegedly took place at an Atlanta hotel on January 25.  The Plaintiff alleged that Travolta stripped naked, hopped on the table, and kept pulling the towel further down exposing his butt.  The masseuse said he pulled the towel back up 10 times and told him to stop.  Then the plaintiff claims Travolta started to rub his leg and when he told him to stop he laughed like a little kid.  Travolta allegedly proceeded to ask the masseuse to switch places and offered performing a sexual act.  The plaintiff went on to say Travolta told him "If you were smart you would learn to enjoy it, and :If you lost some weight and adopted same-sex relations you could be famous." According to this plaintiff Travolta went as far as to offer to call a Hollywood starlet to have a threesome with them, explaining that Hollywood is controlled by homosexual men who expect favors in return for sexual activity. The third incident allegedly happened back in 2009 on a Royal Caribbean cruise Ship.  The plaintiff in this case claims Travolta disrobed, then hugged him and offered $12,000.00 to have sex with him. 
   I know there are individuals out there who are so hungry for money they will do anything but this is the same type of incident and three different individuals have come out.  Not only that, but John Travolta is a Scientologist and Scientology has been labeled to have a lot of gay members who have masked this fact by creating a Hollywood marriage (i.e. Tom Cruise).  The religion reportedly will not allow for homosexuality so Travolta would have to keep it a secret to stay in the sect.  Well if this is true, lets just hope Xenu is merciful.
What is your opinion, guilty or innocent?

Ashton the Indian:
   Mr. Kutcher just finished wrapping up a campaign for popchips.  In the video he plays 4 different Bachelor's looking for love (
One of these characters is an Indian named Raj.  This character is a bollywood producer dressed in traditional Indian cloth and donning a stereotypical Indian accent.  He refers to the Kardashians' and having a hard on.  Well this did not go over with the Indian community very well.  Pop Chips declared they "never intended to stereotype or offend anyone." So far the only tweet from Kutcher today is a promo asking “Looking for love?” with a link to the video. I want your opinion, do you think this add went to far?

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