August 6, 2014

Travel Tuesday: 20 Beauty Travel Tips and Tricks

You're sitting in your seat with your knees in your ears. You hear those three little words over the planes intercom that send you scrambling for your compact, "prepare for landing!". You've just spent the last 5 to 12 hours in a stuffy airplane with zero humidity, fart-filled recycled air, and the boring small-talk from your single-serving neighbor.  Your skin feels oily and dry at the same time, a phenomenon only air travel can provide.  Depending on the duration for the plane's final approach, you only have a couple minutes left to spruce yourself up for that special somebody.    Running that "lucky brush" through your hair one last time, you scramble over that mental checklist of quick-fix beauty tips in order to make sure you look your best when the two sets of eyes lock for the first time.  

Well we've all been there before.... The question now is, what do you do?  And what could have prevented this potentially awkward first encounter?  Well my list of life-saving tips below will keep your girliness in check and make sure you show up to the dance on-time, and in perfect form.  Follow my tips and tricks for traveling and you'll never worry about post flight beauty blunders ever again.

Wouldn't it be nice if you could pack every single beauty product you use on a daily or weekly basis, since we can never really guess what we may need on the fly? Since this isn't possible or at least not realistic, your best bet is to take the time to prep before traveling.  I realize this may not be an option for some and that's fine too, I have both scenario's covered in this travel beauty guide.

  1. Pack a waterless cleanser i.e. makeup removing facial wipes for use on the plane.  These will reduce redness and heat associated with reactive or sensitized skin. Pack your daily facial cleanser as well.  A change in products can disrupt the acid balance of your skin and cause a vacation breakout.

You can use these wipes on your entire body if you need to freshen up on the flight.

  1. Carry a facial toner.  I prefer to use Evian facial spritzer which gives my face an in flight oasis that not only re-hydrates but also replenishes and revives you.

  1. Pack a good facial moisturizer. This will help your skin by acting as a shield against the pangs of the environment. Be sure to bring a tinted moisturizer as well. 

Slather on intense moisturizer to increase hydration in your skin before you are exposed to the dehydrating effects of cabin pressure.

Skip the foundation on your flight and use a tinted moisturizer instead. Before you land apply a tinted moisturizer for a fresh and healthy look. If you just can't go a day without foundation makeup be sure to apply a primer to your skin before your makeup.  Use a silicon based liquid or cream primer that will put a large protective barrier between your skin and your markup.  This will extend the life of your foundation and blush and will keep your skin from dehydration.

  1. Always carry a lip balm with you.  Swipe it on your nostrils, lips, cheekbones and cuticles.

Warm a bit of lip balm between your fingertips and run them through your hair to tame any fly-a-ways.

Just ask the flight attendant for a pad of butter which will act as a lip balm for chapped skin.

  1. To keep oily skin at bay blot with rice paper. Blot the t-zone as often as necessary to bad up shine and oil without stripping away moisture.

You can use toilet seat covers instead of rice paper to blot  out facial oil.

  1. Pack a soft shimmer powder or cream to awaken a tired or sallow complexion.  Stroke it lightly on the top of your cheek bones, bridge of your nose, and on your lips for a quick pick me up no matter how tired you feel.

You can also use cream blush and lip balm to add moisture without dehydrating your skin.

  1. Chill out puffy eyes. Under eye puffiness can be reduced with crushed ice in a washcloth for an automatic wake up call to feeling and looking fully refreshed in minutes.

  1. Always carry eye drops to give your eyes lubrication from the dehydrating atmosphere of the planes cabin.

A few squirts of Visine dabbed on a cotton swab directly applied to a blemish for a few seconds will cut the redness in half.  Finish by dabbing the blemish with a tissue to soak up any residual moisture.

  1. If you plan to sleep on the plane pack a super rich night cream to dab around the eyes and done a sleep mask.  Both will help you look fresher and more awake when you rise.

  1. Hand cream is a must.  Keep your hands from drying out by liberally applying hand cream throughout the trip.

Place a dab of hand cream in your palm and work it through your hair to tame frizz caused by friction from rubbing your head against the airplane seat.
A natural Boars Hair brush will also help to combat frizz.

  1. Be sure to pack a travel size of all of the products I have mentioned, especially any high-end beauty products as they are even more expensive abroad.  Safe purchases abroad include body lotions, talcum powders, fragrances, and shower gels.

  1. Fix a smudge by applying a cream concealer with your finger which will break down the pigment and blend it out.

  1. Carry vitamin E capsules which can be used for a facial, hand, or foot moisturizer. Pop a few capsules and rub them over your hands, then cover your hands with a pair of socks.

  1. Hotel shampoo can double as a bubble bath

  1. Hotel mouthwash can double as a rinsing agent for your toothbrush

  1. Don't forget to save your hotel toiletries to reuse with your own products on your next trip.

  1. Always pack sunscreen because you will be in the sun more often than usual while on vacation and you want to be sure to stay protected.

  1. Pack a leave-in conditioner especially if you plan to spend a lot of time in the water. Also pack a dry shampoo to cut the grease while cleansing and adding body to your mane.

  1. Pack a solid powder deodorant which you can use to freshen up at any time during the flight.

  1. Throw in a toothbrush, toothpaste, and dental floss.

Now lets get packing:

The  most important rule to follow when packing a carry-on is the 3-1-1 rule. The TSA requires liquids to be packed in a quart-sized, transparent, re-sealable plastic baggie. Each item can only contain three ounces or less. You have to remove this bag and send it separately through security, so keep it handy. I recommend using a freezer-style bag, since they tend to be thicker and more durable. Never pack pump bottles as they will spill and you do not want to deal with the mess.

Always make a list and check off each item as you pack them.  I have created a list for you containing all the items that were mentioned in this post.

Facial Cleansing Wipes
Liquid Facial Cleanser
Facial Toner (I prefer Evian facial spritzer)
Tinted Moisturizer
Thick Facial Night Cream
Daily Moisturizer
Lip Balm
Facial Blotting Paper
Soft Shimmer Powder or cream
Eye Drops
Natural Boars Hair Brush
Vitamin E Capsules
Dry Shampoo 
Leave in Conditioner


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