August 2, 2014

Orange is The New Black

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Orange isn't just for pumpkins anymore. One of this seasons hottest colors is popping up everywhere from your tv to your bikini. Orange is the new black. The great thing about orange is that it plays well with so many different colors making it very versatile. 
This color has the ability to physically effect you by stimulating activity and appetite while encouraging socialization. Think of orange as red brought to humanity by yellow. Orange is used all over the world it's even the national color of the Netherlands. The Dutch football team is nicknamed Oranje which is Dutch for orange although my husband calls them the orange crush. They got this nickname because of there bright orange uniforms. 
Orange is used by OSHA to represent safety. OSHA requires certain safety equipment to be painted safety orange in order to set things apart from their surroundings.  
Orange appears midway between red and yellow on the color spectrum wheel and it was one of the original colors formulated by crayola in 1903. There are many different tones of orange including rust, apricot, malon, atomic tangerine, tea rose, carrot orange, orange peel, Papaya whip, Princeton orange, pumpkin, Spanish orange (G & S), vermillion (cinnabar), tomato, bittersweet, persimmon, Persian orange, alloy orange,  burnt orange, bittersweet shimmer, brown ( although an independent color it actually combines the orange hie with a low brightness).  Painters describe brown as a deep shade of orange or especially dark orange.  With so many different tones and it's versatile nature it's no wonder orange is becoming everyone's main sqeeze. 
Orange has broken the stereotypical rules on the runway and has allowed for experimentation with new looks and combinations from strong bold looks to soft feminine looks.  Designers like Mark Jacobs, Tory Burch, Miu Miu, Louis Vuitton, Jean Paul Gaultier, Channel, Jonathan Sanders, Betsey Johnson, Hermes, and House of Holland are covering the runways from necklaces to neg. this hue lingers on the runway like a fragrant memory. These designers have presented a fairy tale of energizing and cool garment combos with catchy, fabulous, and imaginatively feminine looks. Orange is a favorite by many designers because it helps to transition into a new season by prompting your imagination to envision autum leaves, pumpmins, and changing seasons. Orange is a color on the edge. 
You might be wondering; with so many tones to choose from, how exactly does one wear orange? 
Keep in mind that color can energize you and enhance your appearance. Swiss expressionist painter Johannesburg Itten (1888-1967) noticed that some of his students would use warm colors and others would use cool colors when painting. So he decided to run a study in 1947 that showed the students who would choose mostly warm had gold-toned skin with blonde hair and dark, warm-colored eyes. Whereas students who would choose mostly cool had a blue-pink tone to their skin, ash hair and cool colored eyes. Instinctually students were drawn to their own color tone when choosing colors for their artwork. 
You can establish wether you have a warm or cool skin tone by performing a color analysis. You will need to take off all your makeup and jewelry and pull all your hair off your face. Next hold up a mirror in natural light and grab a white shirt. Hold it up to your chin and pay attention to your eyes. Next, grab a cream shirt and do the same thing. If the cream fabric gave you a warm glow and the white washed you out then you are warm. If the white gave you a warm glow and the cream washed out then you are cool. Knowing how to determine your skin tone with warm, cool, or neutral shades of orange and applying that knowledge to your cosmetic and clothing selections can bring out the best in yiur appearance. With correct colors in both  your skin tone will be radiant and glowing. Your eyes will appear clearer and brighter and your hair will reflect highlights. With the wrong colors your skin tone will appear tired and drained with shallow, dark circles under your eyes. Even your teeth will appear to have a yellowish tint to them. 
If your skin tone is light to medium then the best color option for you is latte, coffee, or carmel.Coral and apricot are also great choices to brighteen your skin without washing it out.  If your skin tone is medium to dark stick to cocoa, mahogony, or coral if you have a neutral skin tone then you are one of the lucky ones because every color looks good on you.
All shades of orange or orange-red are warm colors which is one of the reasons they are so versitile. Brave, outgoing, positive are all descriptions of women who wear orange, women who are not afraid to experiment. The most important rule to follow when wearing any shade of orange is to only wear or choose to add a pop of color or to go all out orsngr. A small element or a significant one can be added to any outfit. An example of a significant orange ensamble would be wearing a solid orange skirt or top with a soft top or bottom. Another example of a significant orange outfit would be to wear a solid orange dress with a black clutch and black shoes. An example of an element of orange would be accessorizing with an orange bag, orange jewelry, or orange shoes. 
With so many shades of the color out there it can become overwhelming when you are trying to find the right one for you. Keep a few things in mind next time you go shopping.  Mango is a flirty lighter shade of orange that goes well with light blue. Coral pairs well with turquois, tangerine with blue or yellow, blood orange with shades of red and gold, pumpkin with beige, burnt orange with black, and rust with brown. Softer shades like peachy oranges are friendlier and soothing, less flamboyant than red which will get you noticed without screaming look at me. Orange pops with a medium blue.  Blue, red, yellow, and orange can be fiery hot combo or in tamer shades a fresh, fruity experience.  Try pairing it with green. Try a dash of orange with deep purple or a dash of deep purple with orange. For an earthy ensamble pair orange with brown and green. For a sofisticated look pair orange with blue, grey, and other neutrals. Try weering a rust colored dress, orange tights, an olive green cardigan, and neutral boots. A few more outfit ideas are to wear a black and white dress with an orange belt and white cardigan or jeans, a white tee, nude purse, and orange pumps or a grey skirt, orange top, and orange shoes. Wear an orange maxi dress, brown belt, and jean jacket for a great summery look. An important rule to keep in mind when shopping is to never buy orange pants.  It is never going to be a good idea. For men, polo shirts, v-necks, vests, scarfs, and sneakers all look great in orange.
I hope you enjoyed this post as much as I enjoyed writing it.  Now, I have a little homework assignment for you.  Take the skin tone test and once you know wether you are warm or cool, try on a few outfits with different color combinations of orange. Be sure to snap a photo of yourself in your best orange outfit and then post it in the comment section below. After I receive 20 comments I will be choosing my favorite look and shipping them a prize.  All I can tell you is that its wearable (one size fits all) and a shade of orange. .         

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