May 26, 2014

Sorry Landon.... Not good enough. Sorry America..... Nobody cares.


Finally World Cup Soccer!!  Every 4 years I get to bring up my soccer blog to prove to my fellow Americans that we have never cared nor will we in the foreseeable future.  I love how every 4 years the pundits at most major sports media outlets try ramming this "beautiful" sport down our throats to no avail. Now with this controversial call or leaving Landon Donovan off the representing U.S. team has really ruffled some feathers. If any real U.S. Soccer fans actually had some of their frontal lobe they'd realize that Klinsman is finally ditching the old guard and finally starting fresh with a new direction. Donovan is one of the last of the old guard we need to get rid of; it didn't work then, and it definitely won't work in the future. The fact writers are going bananas about him being cut clearly explains the U.S.'s lack of real soccer vision, and the resulting disappointment felt by the few real American soccer fans out there. I mean people had to know something was up when the United States began calling the international name of football, soccer. Who's ever changed the name of sport before?!??! That's an asinine move from the beginning of US soccer. Hahahahaha
Oh and watch all the 5 foot 7 inch / 140 pound Nick's, Ethan's, and Spencer's come out of the woodwork to defend soccer and this glorious world wide sport. Ya that's right guys it is world wide, just not in the U.S (the biggest stage in the world!). Just be happy that your local high school had a varsity team so at 5 foot 7 you had a chance to questionably earn that letter on your jacket.
Ironically, I'm still playing devils advocate seeing how I  personally love soccer and played it much of childhood growing up.  Both club and high school when I matures into my teenage years.  So I can tell you with certainty that until we have players on the level of Cristiano Ronaldo and Messi, Americans spectators won't give two shits! We are an elitist bunch, and representing our country with 2nd class players doesn't speak highly of our character. Look around the level of sophistication in every other sport we offer in this great country that is shared with international interest.  The pitch isn't green enough for our pastures!  


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