March 6, 2014

Friday Night Fashion: How to Dress Sexy and Chic

Whether you are going out with the girls or even your typical birthday party, anniversary, or special event, these occasions call for the proper Performance Gear.  And when I say Performance Gear, it's a tongue-and-cheek way to describe your right outfit for the right event.  These events are special and you want to look your best for the occasion.  Specially at serious events like weddings or graduations where life-long pictures will graze the pages of Facebook.  The art of subtle, sexiness is the  best way to go when trying to pull off that sexy look.

The clothes you choose should accentuate your silhouette without revealing too much of your body.  There is one main rule to follow in these situations, choose one body part to show off.  For us women the main go-to in these scenarios is show off your chest or legs.  I agree both of these can accentuate the sexiness factor, but my advice is to stick with one.  Pushing the boundaries with too many revealing body parts can fall into the "trashy" category.  You always want to leave them guessing, so showing off just a little will tease your audience enough to inquire more about you!

Make sure your clothes are fitted; not too big or too small.  Tight does not always equal sexy!  Do however wear a form-fitting outfit with very few layers.  Keeping lines consistent with few layers will help accentuate your curves.  A sweater or jacket are fine if it's cold, but be sure they are fitted well enough.  A chic way to top off a sexy dress is with a fitted blazer.  There are loads of options out there, you just have to experiment to what works with your specific body-type.  And remember don't get discouraged!  Rome wasn't built in one day.  Sometimes getting together the right outfit is like putting together a puzzle, once the foundation is built, the pieces fall into place!  

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