January 31, 2014

You Can't Buy Class

Some of my fashion icons are the classiest women I can imagine.  I think the reason they become fashion icons has more to do with the way they present themselves than their actual clothes. Jackie O, Katherine and Audrey Hepburn are my inspiration.  They exude class and confidence which makes them beautiful in anything they wear. After all, she who has confidence in herself will gain the confidence of others.  This is a motto, which every woman should live by. Confidence is the key to success. I am a firm believer that nothing is more powerful. Women today strive for perfection, yet all they really need is a dose of self confidence. Dressing classy also needs an injection of personality; show your personality and inspiration though your clothing. It isn't just about wearing certain clothing it is also about being modest while still being elegant. A few tips to keep in mind when trying to pull off this look:

Groomed Perfection

If you want to exude class you must look the part. Looking the part involves more than clothes, it involves grooming as well. Rule of thumb, the razor is your friend. You can wear short skirts as long as your legs are fit to be seen, especially if you aren't going to wear tights. That means hairless and with the least amount of bruising. If you are someone who doesnt want to shave your legs then don't wear a skirt as the look of hairy legs in a skirt is a bit unsightly.  Obviously this doesn't ring true for little girls or young women who have yet to shave. A good compromise for hairy legs is to wear a Skirt with tights.  Another thing to remember is not to show too much skin. Classy and fashionable women will usually choose to exhibit one bare part of their body at a time.  If you decide to show off your legs be sure you cover up your top.  For example don't go out with your boobs busting out of your top while wearing a mini skirt. It doesn't exactly exude class it will however make you look like trash.  Another thing to remember is to live a healthy lifestyle. Staying healthy and clean will help your classy appearance. Make sure you keep your skin hydrated by drinking lots of water. Never go to bed with makeup on; wash your face and follow with a moisturizer and eye cream. Also, please use deodorants and shower or bathe daily! Body odour is not classy! 

Get Down to the Basics
Classic styles of clothing that were fashionable decades ago remain classy today and will continue to be stylish in the future. Developing a classy wardrobe does not necessarily mean spending a tremendous amount of money. On the contrary, classic fashion is based on several key wardrobe staples. Pulling off the classy look requires confidence, neatness and an overall polished look with a little attention to detail. When choosing the basic garments of your classy wardrobe, remember that trendy pieces are not usually classic pieces. Busy patterns and overly bright colors do not coincide with classy fashion. Choose traditional fits that are neither too tight nor too loose and avoid clothing that is overwhelmingly revealing. Dresses and skirts should cover at least most of your thighs, while tops should cover most -- if not all -- cleavage. Basic, neutral colors, such as whites, browns and black, are always classy. Crisp, collared, button-down blouses, basic knit tops, trousers or slacks, pantsuits and moderate dresses and skirts should make up the bulk of a classic wardrobe. When dressing casual classic, choose white denim pants and pair them with a traditional cardigan.

Choose Shoes and Undergarments Carefully

Every classy woman needs shoes and boots that complement her outfits. However, some footwear is flashy and overzealous. Stick to traditional, elegant styles, such as basic flats or heels. Boots can help complete a classy look if they are a classic style, rather than trendy. Choose a color that will add flair to your outfit without overpowering it.To further help pull off a classic style, remember to wear appropriate undergarments. Wear a slip beneath thin skirts and dresses and wear supportive bras that provide a smooth, seamless look. Underwear lines should not show through your clothing, and showing undergarment straps is unacceptable for the classy woman. If you are wearing a top that could expose a bra strap, consider a strapless bra.

Accessorize Yourself

Once you have mastered the classic look of clothing, concentrate on tasteful adornments. Accessories can be more bold and give you a chance to show your individual style. However, choose only a few pieces to avoid a cluttered look. For example, wear a bright or bold necklace and a ring or bracelet, but do not wear several necklaces, bracelets or rings at once. If you aren't sure if you are wearing too much jewelry, less is more. 

Pay Attention to Details

In addition to accessories, grooming, neatness and posture complete a lady's classy look. Keep your hair well-groomed and wear long hair up in a twist, bun or neat ponytail on windy days. Fingernails should be well-manicured and either buffed or polished with a light, neutral color. Your makeup should be light and neutral, accentuating your features rather than covering them. In the evening, choose one facial feature, such as your eyes or mouth, to accentuate with a bold color. Well pressed clothing in order to look classy is a must, creases should be ironed properly, in jeans, suit trousers and in slacks in order for that classy looked. Purchase a starch spray, which you spray on your clothes just before ironing, this will give you 'the whole outfit has just been dry-cleaned' look.

Posture Pitch
 Start walking with elegance and grace, you are beautiful and you must remember that. Be confident yet not cocky; be gracious and kind to other. Also avoid the potty mouth habits. Nothing is worse than a potty-mouth!

Stay Classy 

Anyone can wear classy clothes but it's the woman who makes the clothes not the clothes that make the woman. Classy women are loving, kind, polite, and considerate. Become those things and you'll exuberated that aura of classiness in no time.  

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