December 31, 2013

Travel Tuesday: Top Spots in America to Celebrate New Years Eve

It's the eve of a new year and I find my self wondering where the time went. As I get older it seems time is flying by faster than ever.  I am looking forward to the new year. January brings a fresh start and an opportunity to grow and evolve into the person you strive to be. Make your New Years resolutions stick this year.  Wether you hope to loose weight or to kick that bad habit that has been haunting you for years, why not spend the last night of 2013 enjoying yourself before you go cold turkey. Plan the last vacation of the year in style and travel to one of these top cities to celebrate New Year's Eve. 

Orlando, Florida

The theme parks come to life in Orlando on NYE. Epcot puts on a light and laser show called Illuminations: Reflections of Earth just before midnight. MGM Studios puts on a symphony of the senses which is composed of dancing lights and artificial snow.

Sydney, Australia

The first place in the world to ring in the new year. This city boasts an enormous fireworks show containing 6 barges covering a 3 1/2 mile section of water and uses 30,000 pyrotechnic effects. The show lasts 12 minutes and attracts millions into Sydney harbor and the Sydney harbour bridge. Illuminated boats travel 9 miles along the harbour and Bondi Beach has an ultimate dance party if you are looking for a little more excitement. 

Edinburgh, Scottland

The annual Hogmanay or last day of the year celebration takes place in Edinburgh. Traditional ceilidh dancing fills the princes street gardens. Musical acts fill the city and visitors gather on Prince Street to watch the firework display. 

Rio de Janeiro

Every New Year's Eve Copacabana Beach hosts the worlds largest and craziest New Year's Eve celebration. Each year 2 million natives dress in all white and fill the 2 1/2 mile stretch of sand. The natives pay homage to the goddess of the sea, lemanja. Along with their white attire they also done red, green, yellow and gold. Red symbolizes romance, green symbolizes good health, and yellow and gold symbolize prosperity. If you decide to celebrate NYE in Rio you will have a blast, just be sure you don't wear black as it's considered to be an evil omen. 

London, England

The Thames river is the place to be on top of the London Eye. The eye is a giant Ferris wheel where the firework show is launched from each NYE.  Thousands of visitors from all over the world gather at the London eye and the tower, Westminster, London, and black friars bridges to watch the firework show and ring in the new year.

Paris, France

During the whole month of December the Parisians exchange bises (friendly kisses) and greet one another with Bonne Annee ( happy new year ).  They also exchange cards and gifts through the month of January. The Champs-Élysées fills with spectators who can get a glimpse of the Eiffle Tower as it countdowns into the new year. Pigalle, the red light district is home to the Moulin Rouge a hot spot on NYE.  The riverboat bateau-Mouche holds a dinner cruise along the seine river where you can float your way into the new year while watching the fireworks over the city. 

New York City

In 1904 Times Square had its first celebration for the opening of the NY Times headquarters. This was the first huge party held in the square, that is until NYE.  Thousands gather each year to watch the ball drop. Vendors are not permitted and resterants have horrendous wait times so pack a dinner and drinks if you want to avoid the hassle. The ball is raised on a 77ft flagpole once the sun sets at the stroke of 11:59 the ball drops 60 feet to ring in the new year. 

No matter where you go or what you do this New Year's Eve the most important thing you can so is to treasure all that you have and really count your blessings in hopes this new year will bring many more.  Happy New Years Eve.  Until next year.....


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