December 19, 2013

Therapy Thursday: Apparel Therapy - How To Wear A Scarf

This time of year our schedules are packed with holiday parties galore. It's the time of year you may want to update your wardrobe so you can be fashionable at every soirée.  The problem is that most of us have spent any extra cash we have on presents and can't really afford to spend any more money especially on ourselves. If you are stuck in this boat, don't fret just buy a few new scarves and you will be looking chic in no time at all and with very little money spent. Wearing a scarf will update your look and make you appear as if you have bought a whole new wardrobe only you are wearing the same outfit as before. There are so many different styles of scarves and each one can be worn in a different way than the other. How you wear it depends on your fashion sense and the material and length of the scarf. The main thing to remember when buying scarves is to choose plenty of different colors, materials, and sizes. Here are a few different styles you can try out for yourselves: 

Ascot: This look can be mastered with a silk scarf. Fold the scarf into a square, place it around your neck, and fold the ends over each other. You can either leave the ends out or tuck them into a sweater or a v-neck shirt. Top this look off with a blazer for a look of class and sofistication. 

Square Knot: This look can be had with any square scarf. Fold the scarf into a triangle and flip one end over the other. Take the upper end of the scarf around and behind the other. Then pull through and make sure the knot is tight enough to hold. You can wear the scarf either to the front or the side. I prefer the front. 

Hacking Knot:  Any oblong scarf will do. Fold an oblong scarf in half lengthwise. Place around the neck and pull the two ends through the center fold. For another look you can tighten the scarf to the side of your neck or you can tie a bow. 

Bib Wrap or Cowl: This look will dramatically change any sweater or blouse. Fold a square scarf into a triangle, place the point in front and cross the ends behind your neck. Tie in the front using a square knot. For a cowl effect take the center fold of the scarf and bring it over the knot tucking the points into the neckline. 

Shoulder Wrap or Stole: The look of sofistication. Fold a large scarf into a triangle, place over one shoulder and knot at the waist on the opposite side. For the stole place an oversized scarf over your shoulders. 

All photos courtesy of google images. 

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