December 28, 2013

Saturday Morning: Cartoons, Nintendo, and Cheerios

Good morning. I hope you're all having a great start to the weekend. Yesterday my husband came across a gem on YouTube that made all my childhood memories reappear as if I was still 10 years old, sitting on the floor with a bowl of Cheerios. Taking a break from Nintendo and watching Saturday morning cartoons. You might be wondering What amazing video made this possible? Well, it's not just one, rather a handful of videos recreating the theme songs to my beloved Nintendo games.  The man behind the magic is Max Gleason AKA Smooth McGroove.  Once a music teacher now an Acapella composer.  What makes his videos come to life is the way he not only masters the sounds that made our video games so memorable he also embeds the video game itself in the middle of the screen.  A 30 something with long hair and a neck beard Paul Bunyn would admire. His charismatic recapturing of Nintendo game soundtracks will leave you wanting more every time. You can find his videos on YouTube under Smooth McGroove.

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