December 9, 2013

Makeup Monday

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 We all fight it is only human.  I think that most of us would agree that it is never a good idea to go to bed angry but that is easier said than done. So you went to bed angry last night and your mind is running on overdrive trying to evaluate the situation. Either you get up and out of the house before your significant other wakes up, or maybe they have already left for work. You know once you walk in the front door after work you are going to have to hammer out the details of the fight and try your best to get past it. How are you going to approach your significant other when you get home? There is a chance you might make it worse if you say the wrong thing. Well lucky for you I happen to have some good advice to cover this scenario.

First, if it is your fault you know what has to be done, Stop by the market on your way home and buy some flowers and a card. If flowers aren’t your partner’s favorite gift then maybe a bottle of wine that can be cracked open and shared during your discussion later in the evening. If you are tight for cash a simple note will do just make sure it is sincere a simple “I am sorry” will not suffice you need to explain what you did wrong and why you are sorry. Ex: Honey I messed up….

This should put a smile on your significant others face and everyone knows the best part about fighting is the make-up sex so go enjoy your night. Now, if the tables are turned and your significant other is the one to blame then I have a few suggestions to use during your discussion when you get home. First, even if they are in the wrong do not raise your voice or get defensive. Give them a chance to explain what happened before you jump to conclusions. If they apologize be sure to accept there apology and let them know you don’t hold any grudges, you have already let it go.

Opening the lines of communication is the most important thing anyone can do for their relationship. More often than not we tend to get into little tiffs all because of miscommunication. Hopefully by this time tomorrow you and your lover will be better than ever. Just remember when in doubt be the bigger person and apologize, always accept a heartfelt apology, and make sure you are present in the conversation and keeping the lines of communication open.

Good luck!

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