August 5, 2013

Go With Your Gut


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Intuition is "knowing" something without being able to explain how you came to that conclusion rationally. It's that mysterious "gut feeling" or "instinct" that often turns out to be right, in retrospect.

Everyone has those gut feelings or instincts to tell them whether something is right or wrong, which way to go, etc. Some people just pass them off.
Other people will follow their gut instincts on everything they do. By following their gut instincts, these groups of people often have a better turn around on aspects of their lives. They often have better health, financial, and personal gains by following their instincts.

When it comes to their health, once they have their gut instinct of something being wrong. They will seek the advice of their doctor. Often in cases like these health issues, a physician can detect and fix immediately. Often health issues will surface slowly. Nevertheless, there are times when the slow signs of an illness don't give enough of an inkling for a visit to the doctor. Often a person's instincts will then take affect telling them to visit their doctor.

Many people will use their gut instincts on making financial decisions. Often the financial decisions include purchasing large ticket items such as cars, homes, appliances, and other various items. In these cases, when their gut instincts take over, they have found bargains and other ways to save money on their investments.

Not only have people who use their gut instincts for financial gains saved on the basics mentioned, they also find monetary gains in stocks, savings plans, and gambling. While sometimes gut instincts in these situations do not always pay off the way one wants. They can still tell a person whether or not it is a good or bad idea.

The health and financial gains or conflicts from gut instincts often help people in their personal affairs as well. Consider the gut instinct that you may have had about a date on which you were about to go. Ever have a bad feeling about not going on the date? A good feeling about going on the date?

As you can see, gut instincts often have their ways of telling about good and bad things. Gut instincts often show themselves to remind you of whether or not you should do certain things.

The next time your gut instincts give you a warning before attempting something in your life, take heed of the warning. The warning signs could help or hinder you in the area of your life.
Having trouble honing in on those feelings?  
Just remember:

Intuition is basically how you quickly tap into your subconscious mind, which is where you "archive" all kinds of information that you don't remember on a conscious level. Sometimes you pick up on things subconsciously without realizing it, such as body language. It'll register as a certain "feeling" that you can't articulate at that moment, but it could very well be valid.

Without intuition, you're no different than a computer. You only make decisions based on facts, and you don't always have all the facts. So unless you're functioning like a computer, you're already making decisions based on various factors other than logic...why not learn how to use your intuition as well?

Even some of the world's greatest scientists, the most logical thinkers of all time, have made their greatest discoveries based on flashes of intuition (think of Newton and the apple that fell on his head or Archimedes shouting "Eureka!" in his bathtub).

Ask yourself questions and listen to the first answer that pops into your mind. That isn't easy, because several thoughts will flood your mind at once. Don't dwell on it. Just pick something. It's scary...what if you make the wrong choice? But you'll be fine.

Meditate. Clearing your mind of repetitive thoughts and worries will make it easier to listen to your intuition. Find a meditative technique you are comfortable using and practice.

Listen to your gut. There's a reason it's called a "gut feeling". Many times, a decision that you "know" is wrong makes you feel discomfort in your stomach area.

Listen to and communicate with your multiple brains. Neuroscience research has shown we have functional and complex brains in both our heart and gut. These brains have memory and intelligence. As the points above indicate, your gut and heart brains know when something isn't right and will tell you through feelings, hunches and messages. You can communicate with these brains through simple language, imagery and touch.

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