June 18, 2013


I’m back! I know, what took me so long? Well, I have been very busy.  My husband and I moved from Boston to Los Angeles and are now settled in Redondo Beach.  Also, as of last month I am working full time at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles as a business systems analyst.  There is nothing more gratifying than knowing my work is helping children in need.  I finally feel settled and am ready to see what the next chapter in my life will hold. 
Before I begin my Travel Tuesday blog I want to give a shout out to every Father out there.  I hope you had a wonderful Father’s day this past Sunday.  My family took my dad out to dinner on Saturday and my husband and I spent Sunday in Newport Beach with his parents.  I am blessed to have such an amazing father and father in law I love you both.

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If my husband and I ever get a chance to take a honeymoon this island paradise is on my top 5 list.  Although after close to 2 years of marriage I am not sure if it’s still considered a honeymoon or if it’s just a vacation. Either way this destination is ideal for a romantic getaway or a relaxing vacay. I know I have already blogged about the Philippine’s but I only touched on this small island, so I wanted to go into a little more detail about this hidden gem.
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Boracay in the Philippines is one of the last undiscovered Asian Beach escapes.  Just picture this: Palm trees, huts on the water, white sand beaches, beach beds, frozen drinks, and perfect weather. Who wouldn’t love that?  It is a dream vacation coming to life right before your eyes, or at least that’s the way people describe this island getaway.  It is no wonder that the place has been nominated as the best beach in the world on more than one occasion.
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People begin their voyage to this island via a short flight on a local plane.  The island is so small you cannot land on it so you will have to take a short boat ride just to get to this island. The island is only 4.5 miles long, but don’t let the small size fool you.  You will have plenty of beaches to choose from.  Yapak Beach is known for the now rare and gleaming white puka shells.  For years the shells were dug out of the beach at Yapak and sold to locals or tourists, but there are not many left.  Balinghai Beach is very secluded and perfect for honeymooners.  The most popular beach on Boracay is White Beach, named after its white sands and calm water. This beach is said to have picture perfect sunsets nightly.  This beach is about 4 kilometers in length and lined by resorts and various hotels.  Bulabog Beach is a popular windsurfing and kite surfing spot due to the ever present winds on the east side of the island.  The beaches on the island also have banana boat rides, snorkeling, kayaking, Para sailing, and diving.
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There are numerous caves in Boracay Island.  The Kalikugan Cave is between Balinghai and Punta Bunga beaches. Yapak is home to the Crystal Cave, cave of Buslugan and the Bat Cave.  The bats have a 4 foot wingspan and can be spotted during the day along with flying foxes hanging from the trees. Llig Lligan beach has several coves and caves to explore as well.  The caves can be reached by walking, biking, or motorcycle (from road 2).
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The island enjoys a full summer season and also has a wet rainy season.  The weather in Boracay is ideal in the summer months.   There is something for everyone on the island. If you love to shop the Boracay D’Mall is the place to go.  The island is also host to many festivals, contests, and sporting events including soccer cups, golf tournaments, dragon boat races, and beach ball tournaments.  If you want to go out at night after a long day in the sun Boracay comes alive at night.  The island has many restaurants, bars, clubs with live bands, fire dancing, and bar hopping.
Every day seems like a holiday in Boracay so just relax and enjoy yourself if you are ever lucky enough to visit this island paradise.

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