October 19, 2012

Fashion Forawrd Friday: Project Runway Season 10 Finale

Season 10’s Project Runway winner is crowned as the last 4 finalists take on NYFW.

Our guest judge this week is Jennifer Hudson

On the Runway

Christopher: ( I would wear the whole collection)

 He would have won if I was judgeing. I absolutely loved this collection his final gown was beautiful and I love the different shades of purple he used throughout the dress.  The blue trench coat was beautiful and perfectly tailored.  I loved the slit in the front of the black skirt, so sexy.  The maroon blouse of distressed fabric strips was so delicate and beautiful. 

Melissa: (I would wear the whole collection)

Her collection showed a feminine edge. She was my runner up.  What was with the white dress that forced her model to inch down the runway, as it walked, you could see the audience react, and not in a good way. However, I had to agree with guest judge Jennifer Hudson that, at least standing still, the look was hot. My favorite piece was the blood-orange leather dress with the scrunch collar. I also love the white leather jacket and the obsidian dress.
Dmitry: (I might wear a few pieces from this collection)

 I loved the geometric shapes and modern silhouettes he created. I also liked how he played with different textures and volume. The fitted cocktail dress with a sheer paneled center, the fringe-bottomed skirt, the metallic draped dress, the feathery bottomed gown with fitted sequined bodice and that black cocktail dress with a fan-paneled bodice were beautifully crafted but not my style. My biggest problem was the models eyebrows it was hard to concentrate on anything else.  To quote J. Hudson, “It’s rich, honey, it is. It’s everything.”

Fabio: (I wouldn't wear any of this collection)

I’m so glad Fabio decided to leave the bowl-cut wigs at home! I loved the soft colors and effortless draping of his layered looks. There was a sense of movement to Fabio’s looks even when they were still. The white organza top added sophistication to the collection. However, very few of Fabio’s garments seemed to find beauty in the female form — unless beauty is defined by making skinny models look fat. Heidi said she “loved, loved, loved it” and Michael started to translate it to something that could work with a wet-haired gal at the beach. I don't get it.  I didn't like it that much.
Eliminated first: Christopher
Eliminated second: Melissa
Runner-up: Fabio
Winner: Dmitry

Do you agree with the results?  Who would be your first choice?  What was your favorite Piece from the designers collections? 

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