September 7, 2012

Fashion Forward Friday: Project Runway Recap

This week the designers are split into teams and each team must create merchandise out of craft products to sell to people on the streets of New York City. Their material budgets depend on it! That’s enough to make anybody cranky.
Here’s the lineup:

Team 1

Team 2

Team 3

On the Runway

Fashion designer Anna Sui was this week’s guest judge.

Team Dmitri | Elena | Alicia

Look #1: (I would wear it sans the shawl)
The shawl was too much for me. It distracted from an otherwise modern, polished look.  This dress  has an interesting neckline and I could see a lot of women wanting to wear it.

Look #2: (I would wear this look without the coat)
 I can see the idea but the execution on this coat needed some help. The collar was odd and the body had too much volume. The pants fit well and the shirt was cute but kind of boring.

Team Christopher | Gunnar | Sanjia

Look #1: (I would wear it)
I love this look. Sanjia’s coat was really cool. It was sharp, modern and perfectly fit. I love the cropped sleeve and the contrast of the hunter green against Gunnar’s sandy color-blocked dress.

Look #2: (I would wear it)
I like Christopher’s modern take on a classic trench. The collar had drama, the sleeveless detail was interesting, and it draped nicely. The way Gunnar combined leather and jersey was interesting.

Team Ven | Melissa | Fabio

Look #1: (I would wear the jacket)
Melissa’s jacket was the only thing I liked about this look. I didn’t think the counterpoint between the cropped jacket and full skirt was successful. And the turtleneck shirt was not flattering on the model.

Look #2: (I wouldn't wear it)
Fabio’s coat was dissapointed. I did not like the colar or the fit and his shirt  looked tortured. Not a huge fan of the pants’ fit either.  What happened?


Michael Kors thinks Sonjia’s hunter green jacket with the leather sleeves looks like a $2,000.00 coat. It’s beautiful and city gals the world over would love to wear it. Sonjia takes the cake (although Christopher and Gunnar were also worthy contenders and Gunnar certainly had a lot more to work on).
It all comes down to Elena and Alicia which mostly makes sense.  As Anna Sui points out, Elena’s red hot anger comes through in her coat which is melting at the collar and through the shoulders. At the end of the day, Alicia’s top and pants lack spirit, as Nina Garcia points out. Alicia has struggled to make great looks and it is definitely her time to go.
What do you think? Do you agree with the judges? Who do you predict is going to be in the final three at this point?

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