August 20, 2012

The Do's & Don'ts of wearing stripes

The Do's and Don'ts of Wearing Stripes 

What is one way to look fresh and modern, or professional, or how about sexy? One of the most versatile styles out there, stripes are a perennial fashion favorite that never gets old. The cool thing about stripes is that they add an optical illusion to whatever you are wearing.

Stripes are often given a bad rap - at their worst they can make you look like a prison inmate, or a well-wrapped sausage, but worn right they can totally rock an outfit! However nobody seems to know how to wear stripes correctly and too often we all stumble in the dark when it comes to choosing flattering stripes. Well, I'd like to know how to wear stripes just as well as anyone, so I did some research and now you get the benefit, so read on and learn some Do's and Don'ts of wearing stripes...

One of the best ways to wear stripes is to pair it with loads of white like Katie Holmes does here with the pleated skirt and wide-spaced puff-sleeve stripe bodice. You can wear a classic navy and white tunic top with white jeans and look timelessly chic.

Use stripes as a layering piece for a cool, funky look: One doesn't have to worry about not using the right stripes, if they're covered up with cool scarves, or a cute cropped jacket like Reese is wearing. When stripes are large they add a graphic, casual vibe to sportswear. Keep accessories to a minimum because an oversized stripe takes center stage in the outfit.

It's also a great way to incorporate color into your wardrobe.

Wear horizontal stripes: feared for their thickening abilities, horizontal stripes are now everywhere this season. Horizontals help balance out your body, so if you've got a curvy bottom, wear a striped top. and vice versa. If you're more boyish than luscious, wear a dress utilizing narrow horizontal stripes like this striped dress to give the illusion of curves everywhere.

Try out vertical stripes: Vertical stripes are elongating, so they are perfect for shorties, and those with short waists. Though smaller stripes flatter more those with smaller frames, anyone could get away with smaller stripes if there are other details that detract from the stripes. 

Be daring and have fun: This is the most important Do of them all - fashion is supposed to be fun! Diagonal stripes are unexpected and daring; they also act similarly to vertical stripes with their elongating abilities. This outfit is a  definite eye-catcher - I love the color combo of the pink shirt matched with the striped skirt.

Although navy-and-white stripes are a classic, black and white stripes – especially in a small print pattern are instantly chic  under a menswear blazer, paired with black crop pants or leggings or tucked in with the new wide leg jeans, or worn alone with a bold scarf.


Wear a tight striped top if you are busty - this will only enhance your curves past the tasteful point and widen your torso

Don't over do it:  Keep the stripes to one or two items, but not head-to-toe, unless  it’s a dress.

Dark stripes are slimming, but avoid dark, narrow stripes if you are very curvy.

Bottom Line: 

A little stripe goes a long way

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