August 17, 2012

Fashion Forward Friday: Project Runway: Marie Claire @ Work

This week’s challenge is relatively similar to last week’s which was to design for a woman on the go.
This time, the contestants are designing for a working woman, with a feature in Marie Claire @ Work (Nina!!!) on the line. The designers are split into two teams and have to create an editorial yet sensible collection with their teammates, followed by directing a photo shoot.
The self-selected Team 5 consists of all boys: Fabio, Ven, Gunnar, Christopher, and Nathan.
For Team 5, each designer creates their own look. They have a color story and are designing for fall.
Team 6 has Sonjia, Dmitry, Melissa, Alicia, widow’s peak Raul, and Elena
This group decides to split up their looks based upon each designer’s strengths.

On the Runway:

Marie Claire editor-in-chief and Project Runway All Stars mentor Joanna Coles joins the judges’ panel this week

Team 5:

Nathan: (I liked the idea of the pants but I wouldn't wear it)

 This girl looks like she got her pantsuit in a twist on her way to Bingo. The drape on those flowing pants is an interesting idea, but the execution was unflattering.

Christopher: (I would wear this)

 He achieved a cool effect with the floral print on his skirt.  I absolutley loved it.
Heidi loved this look as well and Nina thought it was modern and could fit in well on the pages of Marie Claire at Work.

Ven: (I would wear it)

Fabio: (I wouldn't wear it)

 Michael Kors praised the ageless demographic of Fabio’s dress, stating that he could see it worn by a young woman in her 20s or a seasoned pro in her 60s—he just didn’t like the headwear. Joanna likes the headpiece, however, and thinks the dress looks easy to wear.

Gunnar: (I wouldn't wear it)

He wasn’t feeling the love this challenge, and it was reflected in his garment. The top of his dress made his model’s boobs look lopsided and untamed and the use of the floral print as inserts seemed like an afterthought. This look was a swing and a miss.
Michael thought it was an unfortunate use of the fabric and cut poorly. Joanna thought the model’s breasts looked like two puppies wrestling in a sack.

Team 6:

Raul and Sonjia: (I would wear the Skirts-Espcially the Blue one (I love it))

 His ruffled bib blouse was overdesigned and fussy while his shiny gunmetal top was unremarkable. Not cute.  She  produced two well-made skirts -- the blue pencil skirt fit like a dream but I thought the drape on the striped skirt was unexpected and cool. Michael called one top boring and the other unattractive. He thought the execution was poorly done and Heidi called Raul’s designs “horrible.”

Dmitry: (I would wear it)

 I loved this  navy and black color-blocked dress. He clearly has a flair for geometric, simple designs that are clean and sleek.

Melissa: ( I would wear this)

She went beyond black and produced an eye-catching, vibrant blue dress. It’s a well-constructed look with a lot of interest, but for me it was just ok. The zipper detail in the back looked suspiciously similar to Ven’s dress from the previous challenge and I’m not sure this is a look most women would choose for the workplace. The judges all agreed that Melissa’s dress was a strong look. Nina called it a “showstopper,” and Heidi named it her favorite of the day.

Alicia and Elena: ( I would wear the wide leg trousers)

 Alicia showed off her tailoring skills with her high-waisted wool pants and skinny trousers. The big-shouldered, long-sleeve black top was confusing, but her sleek jacket was pretty good.  Heidi said she doesn’t hate a lot of things, but she hated Elena’s big-shouldered top. The judges agreed that her obsession with the exaggerated shoulders is unflattering.


Team 6 wins the challenge and will have their designs featured on the pages of Marie Claire at Work. But since both teams’ scores were tied, the designers are judged individually.

Winner: Melissa

Auf Wiedersehen: Raul 

Do you agree with the judges? 

Are you happy or sad to see Raul go home? 

Tune in next week for my recap of episode 6

Have a fashionably Fabulous Weekend

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