August 3, 2012

Fashion Forawrd Friday: Take me to the Emmy's

Project Runway is getting more interesting in this third episode as the sleep deprivation is really setting in. Perfect timing for a team challenge! As a refresher from last episode, Lantie got the boot and Ven has immunity. Now let’s get to it:

This week, the clients and models are 7 female contestants from past seasons. The 14 designers must create Emmy looks for them. (Later, the designers learn that the winner will accompany their “client” to the awards show. Squeal!) As a twist, the partnered contestants are each assigned a different color Lexus– this color should be incorporated into their look. This is very limiting, in retrospect. Contestants stick to their boring colors across the board.

1. Ven Budhu and Fabio Costa (I would wear this)
Say what you will about Kenley, but she brought a lot of fun and whimsy to the runway. A boat neck navy dress with cinched waist and voluminous short skirt. The silhouette was pretty and the details on the bodice and skirt were amazing. Guest judge Krysten Ritter (“Don’t Trust the B—- in Apartment 23”) is the only one to criticize by saying that she doesn’t like the length.

2. Andrea Katz and Christopher Palu (I wouldn't wear this)
The execution was disappointing and the slit was way too high. The gown looked cheap and outdated. Not cute. Krysten Ritter said it reminded her of a Halloween costume you'd buy at the drug store.

3. Alicia Hardesty and Raul Osorio (I wouldn't wear this)
O.M.G. As soon as this look turned the corner, I shouted, “Oh, no! What did they do to Mila?!” Mila is a cool, modern woman with a really refined sense of style, but her designers made her look the opposite. I don’t know where any woman would wear this gownThe black dress with red detail by Alicia and Raul has absolutely no structure and is completely uninspired. There isn’t an ounce of sex appeal, as the judges point out. Michael Kors adds: “There’s a horse somewhere missing its tail” in regards to Raul’s hairdo choice for Mila. (Who would want Raul styling their hair?) Nina asks: “Where is the effort?” Dagger.

4. Elena Slivnyak and Buffi Jashanmal (I wouldn't wear this)
Laura gave this look as much energy as she could -- possibly because she recognized that the gown was very sad and stern. All Laura needed was a ruler in her hand and she could have been a Victorian governess. Not in love with this look for the Emmys’ red carpet. But maybe for Halloween?

5. Dimitry Sholokov and Melissa Fleis (I might wear this)
Melissa and Dmitry’s look for their well-matched client April from season 8, who now has purple hair was strange, however, the silver dress made impeccably from difficult to manipulate silk charmeuse. I liked the plunging back and draping.

6. Gunnar Deatherage and Kooan (I would wear this)
 White can be refreshing on the red carpet and this dress had movement and the silhouette was flattering. The pair also managed to put together a flowy back even though there had been a fight over a seam in the work room. I also loved the clutch.

7. Sonjia Williams and Nathan Paul (I would wear this)
She looked like a million bucks almost as if she was dripping in gold. The gown fit her beautifully and the gold color really sparkled. I liked the sheer detail in the back and around the shoulders and how simple and clean this pair kept the styling. Metallic looks on the red carpet can be attention-grabbing but they were smart to keep the silhouette relatively simple to balance out the bling.

Widow’s peak Raul is gone, and I can’t say I disagree although if Andrea’s so indifferent about being there, maybe she should have just gone home…
Oh, wait! Cut to the Atlas Hotel the next morning. Andrea has gone missing!!!! What is Project Runway going to do with this one? Will they invite Raul back? We’ll have to wait and see. (To be continued…)
In the meantime, did you think Ven and the freegan were the clear winners? Should Raul have gone home? Who wins most irritating PR contestant this week?

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