August 16, 2012

2012 Autumn /Fall Fashion Trends

Fall 2012 fashion trends for women


In the face of minimalism and restraint, a contingent of designers went the opposite path for fall 2012. Drawing on the complexity we commonly associate with the Baroque movement, they showered the runways with lavish detail, heavy ornamentation and impressively wrought detail. Whether it’s embroidery, tapestry or gold leaf, this trend takes its cues from all things ornate.


Going beyond the cliches and channeling a number of different eras, the concept of school girl chic gets reinvented for fall 2012. There’s innocence, there’s tough rebelliousness, and there’s the all-important truth that the two are compatible.


Dark fairytales and noir fiction inspire new romance with all things Gothic for fall / winter 2012, heralding in ways to revive all-black outfits. Who said black had to be boring? 


Wasn’t it only recently that capes had a huge revival? Well it was; and now it’s time to wrap ourselves up in their warmth once again, as the trend has evolved. Tied with the darker side of fall’s trends, capes and cloaks give life to outerwear’s shadowy fantasies.


Fashion looks East, drawing inspiration from the Orient and weaving it in with Western fashion in new and unique ways. Texture and print are the keys to oriental-inspired clothing in fall / winter 2012, with oriental motifs and rich brocades taking their places alongside kimono cuts and mandarin colours.


Daring splits. Tunic-style wraps. Flirty and flouncy, pleated and a-line, pencil straight and figure hugging. What do all these skirt styles have in common? They’re all available in leather for fall 2012. Leather skirts expand their aesthetic offering into new directions.


Red may always represent passion and heat, but it’s not always right for the runway. Fall 2012 found the time right to indulge in everything from the brightest of corals to the deepest of ruby reds, mixing fiery hues with the season’s strongest textures.  


It’s always with us, but there are those seasons when tartan / plaid is more popular than usual – autumn / fall 2012 is amongst them. A subtle variation on the norm, the tartan / plaid emerges into fall with androgynous and school girl variations. 


I consider this a niche autumn / fall / winter fashion trend. I see it as a niche trend because most women’t aren’t going to immediately want to wear it. There’s going to be a lot of resistance to a fashion trend inspired by menswear, but it’s been done before and it’ll be done again.


 Given it’s a season that is determined to experiment with the silhouettes of women’s fashion, it should come as no surprise to see peplums amongst fall / winter 2012s fashions. 

Fall 2012 accessory trends


With ankle boots and thigh highs each having such a massive revival in recent years, the humble knee-high boot got lost at the back of the cupboard. But for the autumn / winter 2012 season this cold weather staple gets a new lease on life. From knee-brushing cavalry styles to equestrian classics, wear them bare-legged if the weather allows. Read the full report on knee high boots in fall 2012.


I am always looking for ways to really make an outfit shine, and when it comes to that, accessories are a girl’s best friend. Being perfect for both their practicality (winter is cold, after all) and ability to transform an outfit, hats are one of the key accessories for the chilly season. From fur to fedoras, read the full report on which hat styles are on-trend in fall 2012.


With the nostalgia for all things vintage comes a revival of vintage-style accessories. Structured bags and cases appeared on the radar for fall 2012 with their association to all things romantic and travel-related. Whether new season Louis Vuitton or decades old, a hard case as handbag is one way to inject a vintage mood into your outfit.  

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