July 25, 2012

Wellness Wednesday: Challenge Yourself

Do you ever feel like you need a bosst?  When the waters of life have just become a little too stagnant, find something that you are passionate about, something that truly interests you and then make a committment to do it.  Don't just start a project and then decide your bored with it, really commit to seeing it through.  Wether its learning a new langusge, dropping a few pounds, finishing that novel, etc..If at times you feel overwhelmed by what you have just decided to accomplish then look to these 6 tips to help you to the finish line.

1. Tell other people what you're doing: There's nothing like having told other people what you've committed to do, to keep you on the path. Saying it out loud, writing it down, and/or sharing it can be key.  There are loads of online groups where you can make commitments of this kind and plenty of face-to-face options. Show others what you're working on. And if you can, join with a group doing the same thing. It's so helpful to have the support of others and you'll find yourself feeding off the energy around you. Amazing things happen in groups.

2. Give it a beginning and end: Sometimes a personal challenge can seem way too daunting if it's never ending, so it may help you to know your challenge has a start and end date. Knowing there's an end in sight, may help you stay focused.

3. Push the boundaries of what you think is possible: One of the best things about challenging yourself is that almost always you are far more powerful, creative, strong, resourceful, and capable than you think you are and challenges often push us past what we think our edge is. Why is it that we set our sights so low? Could be a fear of failure or of rejection or perhaps we were told once too often that we weren't good enough. Whatever the reason, a challenge allows you to truly go for it. If you don't cross the finish line, you can be proud of yourself for trying. You can't reach those dreams if you never give it a go, right?

4. Support often appears when you need it most: and it often comes wrapped in a package you weren't expecting. The thing is, with big personal challenges, they'll often kick your butt, challenge you in ways you weren't expecting, and end up being one of the more rewarding experiences in your life.

5. Celebrate your successes and don't beat yourself up over your weaknesses: In any personal challenge it is easy to pick apart the things you could have done better, but for what purpose? Take some time to revel in whatever success you have, even if it seems super tiny. Give yourself kudos. Do something nice for yourself. Focusing on the negative instead of enjoying your success isn't good for anyone, including you!

6. Commit but don't over-do it: Sometimes a lot of options come up and you may want to do them all. I fall into this trap a lot. So, be careful not to get so excited over-challenge yourself. Sometimes, one challenge at a time is plenty.

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