July 17, 2012

Maynard's Men Tell All

Arie and Jef aren’t there, but a lot of the rejected bachelors on the show are present. Now, Chris Harrison is talking to Emily about this season’s most talked about moments. She is talking about how Ryan made a good first impression on their first date. She brought him to her house and helped with the groceries and made cookies together. She goes on to say how he put his foot in his mouth when he said that she couldn’t gain weight. She was more hurt by his “trophy wife” comments.
She also discusses “helicopter man” Kalon and how she kept him around and saw his true colors. We see the scene when Doug tells her about Kalon’s “baggage” comments about her daughter. She said that he knew that she had guys there that she liked more than him and he was used to being the bigger fish in a smaller pond.
She talks to Chris about how awkward it was for Doug to kiss her when she decided it was time to break up with him. Clearly, they did not have the chemistry that she’d hoped for.
Now, she is talking to Chris about her trip to Greenbrier with Joe Gendreau where she cursed when she spilled wine on her dress. Afterward, they talk about Travis and his egg Shelly. Weirdness. They sang “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star” to it.
Chris informs her that when she shared her first kiss with Arie, she was being spied upon by his two brothers, who were looking on. We get to see a clip of Emily dancing with Chris. He obviously sucks at it, but she gives him credit for trying. She promises to the “running man” dance after the final rose. We’re also getting a sneak peek of the newest “Bachelor Pad”.
Now, we’re getting to see all of the guys who were rejected by Emily this season. He talks about how he was first out of the limo and meeting Emily for the first time. Kalon talks about meeting Emily for the first time, arriving in a helicopter.
We see Ryan on his exit from the show, telling the cameras that the other guys were probably shocked that he was leaving. The other guys are cheering about his leaving the show. Chris says that he was freaking out because he wanted the chance to introduce her to his family. Chris confronts Ryan, telling him that he was offended because a lot of the guys were falling in love with Emily.
Stevie tells Kalon that he was only there for the spotlight. Kalon said that he made great friends with Chris and Tony. Meanwhile, Tony is ducking his head.
Kalon is in the hot seat now! We get to see a clip of Emily telling Kalon to GTFO. Chris Harrison asks Kalon why he came on the show. He said that he signed up and didn’t know that she had a kid. On the first night, he knew going in. He said, despite that she had a kid, he believed anything could happen. He said on the Shakespeare date, he was being playful and Emily was not annoying them. He said she was extremely sick and it was freezing outside. Tony says that Kalon was there for the glitz and the cameras.
Now they are discussing Kalon’s baggage comment. Sean calls it uncalled for and that he should’ve embraced every part of a woman. Kalon is also a part of the next “Bachelor Pad”, so we’re going to see him next week. Ugh. The audience didn’t seem too pleased with that idea.
Ryan is next up in the hot seat! Ryan says he’s very confident in himself and who God made him to be. He says that when he watches the show, he laughs a little bit. Is there a line between confidence and arrogance? Chris Bukowksi asks him how his feelings were for Emily and if he could’ve proposed to Emily at the end. Ryan says that it wasn’t fully about Emily and that he was there to find his wife. Chris Harrison asks Ryan if there’s a possibility that he’s an “arrogant ass”, to which he says no. Chris B. says that Ryan wanted to be the next Bachelor. Chris Harrison offers up that Ryan will not be the next Bachelor. Ryan says that people find the humor in his comments about “loving” Emily, but not “loving on her” if she just sat around and ate cheeseburgers and got fat.
Chris Bukowski is now in the hot seat, talking about how he was the first to tell Emily that he loved her. He’s still emotional watching the clip of his exit from the show. He says he “loved that girl 110%”. He says that he looked as if he was coming off angry, but he had a once in a lifetime opportunity with Emily and he would fight for that. He is also on the upcoming season of “Bachelor Pad”.
Next up is Sean Lowe! He is in the hot seat now and we’re getting to see footage of him on the show. Sean called watching his exit “tough to watch” and said that it’s “tough to watch Emily get so emotional”. He truly believed that Emily was his wife. He was thinking about being a father and a husband, so his elimination took him by surprise. He says that he felt inadequate. He says that his family has been a great support system for him.
Emily is taking the stage on the show. She is sporting a pink Herve Leger dress. Emily tells Sean that she watched the episode of him leaving and that she did the “ugly cry”. She says that everything she felt for him was genuine. Chris B. thanks her for opening his eyes to falling in love. Aww.
They are talking about how she had the “break up talk” with a kiss in the same date. Of course, she’s talking about her time with Doug. She takes a swipe at Kalon saying that she could’ve been engaged to Kalon if it weren’t for Doug. She says that she was disappointed that Kalon came through the cracks. He apologizes for the way things went down between them and he wishes the best for her. She tells him that he should be a politician because that’s a huge load of crap. She goes on to prove how much of a douchebag he is. She snipes at Kalon that she hopes he finds faith in something bigger than his Prada shoes and his rented helicopter. Go Emily!
They are now talking about how Emily broke things off with Ryan. She says Ryan is obviously very good looking, but he’s a sweet talker. She says that she started to find herself liking him. Ryan says that he had a lot of fun with her and she says that she hopes he finds his “trophy wife” as the Bachelor of Augusta.
Now we get to see some bloopers! This is the best part of the show tonight and they could’ve spent these two hours just showing off the bloopers and it would’ve been the best. What did you think of tonight’s “Men Tell All”?

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