July 10, 2012

The Bachelorette--Monday's marvelous non-overnight date episode

The episode begins with Emily walking around picturesque Curacao. “Feelings are so intense and relationships have grown so much,” she says. “I’m at a point now where I feel really, really strongly about each of the three guys that are here.”
“I’ve been waiting to get to this point with these guys for so long,” she said.  The opening scenes of Monday’s Bachelorette showed her in a blue maxi dress, walking by the beautiful turquoise waters as she mulled her three men.

Sean, 28: “I think it was love at first sight.  Sean is so many things that I want in a husband.”

Arie, 30: “Our conversation was almost immediate.  We just really hit it off.  He’s funny and doesn’t mind making fun of himself…I call Arie “Sweet Arie” because he just is!...I just know that he would be my best friend.  That he would love me forever.”

Jef, 27: “I love his style. He is so his own person and he dosen’t care what anybody thinks….He has his own quirky sense of humor that I absolutley love…He makes me laugh more than anybody else. …My connection with Jef is unlike any I’ve had in a long time.  I feel like he gets me in a way nobody else does.  I feel like he would make the best husband and the best step dad ever.”

And so it began

Sean’s Date
Sean is the one who hasn’t said, I love you to Emily, which seems to be weighing on Emily’s mind.  They hop into a helicopter to see the sights.  They drop off onto their own private island, which would seem like the perfect time to say the L-word right? But he doesn’t.  They talk about his past relationships, but still no L-Word.
Later on, they head out to dinner on the beach.  Emily calls him the perfect man, and he says he is ready to be a father to Emily’s daughter, Ricki.  He’s even written a sweet letter to Ricki, saying that he would never try to replace her father, but would love to love her and her mom. ( Side note: This season seems to have more letter-writing than any other, right?)
Sean also finally admits he is falling in love with Emily.
Emily invites Sean to extend their date by enjoying the fantasy suite.  However, Sean doesn’t actually spend the night.  They just enjoy some spa time and make out for a bit.  Emily says she doesn’t want to set a bad example for her daughter.

Jef’s Date

Jef and Emily take a boat out to a private cove. Jef talks about how his parents, who were not around during the hometown date, would love to meat her if things work out. Jef emphasizes that he and emily would be a good balance for each other. “I’ve said that I could keep you out of trouble, and you could get me into trouble sometimes, which could be fun,” Emily says in agreement.
After some canoodling in the ocean, Emily and Jef sit down for a nice dinner. Jef seems to be very unsure if he would be a good dad to Ricki. He asks Emily at least twice how she thinks he would be as a father to her daughter. Emily invites Jef back to the fantasy suite. Jef says he plans on spending every night with Emily in their own fantasy suite but that he wouldn’t want to spend the night out of respect to Emily’s standards and his own family. They agree to just “hang out” for awhile before going their separate ways.

Arie’s Date

Arie and Emily meet up and start making out right away like teenagers.  They take a boat out to go swimming with the dolphins. And then make out even more.  At Dinner, Emily tries to figure out if their connection is more than just physical chemistry.  They talk about what Emily wants for Ricki, and that she is looking for not only a husband for herself but a father for her child.  With all this heat between them, it would be expected that Emily invite Arie back to the suite for one more time together but she does not.  Why? Because she does not trust herself to be alone with him in the suite.  “As a role model and mother, I just can’t,” she says to the cameras.

Final rose ceremony.
Emily's wearing a long skirt and a gray tank top. Her hair is pulled back in a ponytail. She chats with Chris Harrison about her decision, saying she sees the good in each of her guys and could see a future with each of them. "This week more than ever I just wish that there was more time."
It's not happening, says Chris. "Tonight is it." It's the last rose ceremony. It's proposal time next, he says.
He leaves her to watch a video message from each of the guys. She appears to be crying, but it's hard to tell until her voice cracks. "I just feel really bad," she says, her eyes glistening. She says what's making it hard is that she has "three great guys." Otherwise it would be easy. "I've just had the best time! I've loved every minute I've spent with these three guys."
As she watches the final videos, a tear falls down her face. "I don't think any of them think it's them," she says. (In other words, she led each of them on? You think?)
Final moments: Emily tells Sean, Jef and Arie, "I care so much about each of you. And I'm sorry."
She picks up one rose.
Oh, the suspense!
"Jef." He accepts the rose.
She picks up her second and final rose. "Arie."
Emily covers her eyes with her hands. Awkward! Chris Harrison enters and says, "Sean, I'm sorry." He hugs the other guys and approaches Emily. They hold hands and walk out. A dog barks in the distance. They sit on a bench in silence as she sniffles.
"I'm not sure what to say," says Sean. "I feel kind of stupid. I was ready to spend forever with you." She starts crying. He's not crying.
He says, "I care about you, ultimately. If this is the best for you..."
She thanks him and follows him to the big black SUV. He gives her a hug. In the car, he says, "Honestly, when she walked out tonight, I said in my head, 'That's my wife.' ... I pictured myself with her and Ricki and that big family she wanted."
Over the amusing closing credits, we got to see Arie do about 10 takes of his heartfelt final video to Emily.

And now there are two

I want to know what you think.  Who do you think will accept the final rose?  Will he propose to Emily? 

Next week: The man tell all and a scheduling update: The Bachelorette finale will air Sunday, July 22, from 8 to 10 P.M., followed immediately by after the final rose special at 10 pm.

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