July 23, 2012

And then there was one: Emily accepts Jef's proposal

In case you missed it the finale of Season 8 came to an end last night. Emily was left with a hard decision, Arie, the 30 year old race car driver or Jef the 27 year old CEO of People Water.  The finale took a new twist as Emily let one of her suitors go before he even had a chance to propose.  Emily chose the soulful, playful Jef Holm over Arie Luyendyk, Jr. whom she told to go home before they even had their final date. 
How did it come to this point last night?  To start things off we find ourselves in Curacao again, and at this late stage Emily is still undecided.  " I have no idea what to do" she says as she admits she has fallen in love with two men.  So now we need a little help and Emily's family family steps in to meet her men and give a little advice as to whom she should settle down with. First up is Jef who arrives with Flowers for Emily's mom, Suzy.  Suzy admits she is weary after watching Emily's heart get broken from her first stint on the bachelor.  She begins to ask Jef his intentions and how he feels he would fit in with her daughter Ricki. When Jef says "I am so ready" with the uttermost confidence Emily's mom, Suzy just melts.   He has worked his charm on her mom, next up is Emily's over protective brother, Ernie.  Jef manages to work his charm, two down one to go.  Last but not least is Emily's father.  Jef sits down with him and explains he is really just an old fashion guy and he wants his approval, which he gets. "honestly that could not have gone better," Jef says.  The next day, Arie gets his chance to win over the family. Arie tries to break a lot of awkward silence at the Maynard home with a lot of chatter.  The family has some questions about the smooth talking, handsome race car driver. First up to ask them is Emily's mom Suzy who feels Arie is very arrogant.  Arie then opens up a box of all the roses he has saved from Emily and then tells Emily's mom he is "crazy in love" with her daughter and she just swoons.  Next up is to question Arie is Emily's brother, Ernie.  He asks Arie point blank if he is in it to win a competition or to win Emily's heart.  Emily's father is feeling the same way and really wondering if Arie is ready to be a father.  "Absolutely" Arie says with confidence as Emily's father gives him his blessing. "There is only one thing left to do" Arie says, "get down on one knee and ask for Emily's hand in marriage."    So now what, the family is really of no help as they are just as confused as Emily.  However her father says there is no way that Emily could truly be in love with two men at the same time, and Emily's mother suggests that she put off the engagement for awhile giving little Ricki time to adjust to a new father figure in her life.  Emily takes all this advice to heart and realizes she has to make a decision, but not until her final date with Jef is over.

The next day, her final date with Jef takes an unexpected turn when he explains that as much as he loves her, he does not feel like he is getting all of her without meeting Ricki.  "Just because I have not met her, does not mean I haven't been thinking about her every single day," Jef says so sweetly.  " I have been preparing my whole life to be a good dad,"  I don't know about you, but I am now Team Jef 100% as I swoon at the TV.  His persistence pays off as she agrees to let him meet Ricki.  They stop by the villa and sit by the pool where Ricki shows off her swim tricks and hi-fives her potential new step dad Jef.  The two get along so well and his comfort with Ricki helps to seal the deal. 

Later that night they meet up to do a little kissing and reminiscing.  Jef gives Emily a book on Curacao which he has cleverly drawn the two of them on the pages inside at different sites they visited together while in the city.  How cute is that, score even more points go Jef.  I think at this point every woman in America wants Emily to choose Arie so they can have a shot with Jef.  At the end of the night, Jef gushes "Emily makes me feel like there is someone who gets me perfectly. There is something so special that we have and I can't even describe it...I think it's fate...I've never been in love like this before...I just want to hold her hand until I'm like 110." Awwwwwwwwwwwww. 

The next morning, instead of meeting up with Arie, Emily calls a meeting with host Chris Harrison, where she tearfully tells him she knows that she wants to be with Jef and now has to dump Arie before they have there final date.  "It makes me cry just thinking about it, I can't even be happy because I just feel so bad," she says while crying.  "I know myself and know that I won't be able to sit there with him all day without feeling awful...it's just not fair to him." 

Poor Arie.  He is going to be completely blind sided. He still thinks a proposal is imminent and he even whips up a little love potion with the help of a local woman.  Arie meets Emily and presents her with the potion.  Uh oh she immediately starts crying.  Her voice trembles, and she sobs as she is trying to tell him he is not the one.  "I'm shocked" Arie says, "I thought we had something." He kisses her on the cheek and walks away as she continues to cry. 

The next day. Emily feels much better knowing she has found her prince.  Meanwhile Jef is out shopping for a big shiny rock.  He finds one that looks like it might sprain Emily's finger, but will she accept it?  The two love birds meet on a porch filled with flowers.  "You're my soul mate,"  says Emily who tells Jef he was the only one to meet Ricki and that she canceled her date with Arie.  A beaming Jef gears up for a proposal speech, also unaware that she could say no because of her uncertainty about getting engaged again.  "I feel like the luckiest man in the world standing up with you, and you make me smile so big and so much every time I am with you.  There is just something about us.  It is just so fun, and so natural, and so easy with us.  There is just that click that makes us work...I think it's so rare that people find the person they are meant to be with...I am so grateful that we did.  I think god puts the right people in our lives when the timing is just right....I found my everything and I am so in love with you. I promise you, Emily, if you let me into your life and Ricki's life, you will never feel lonely ever again...what I am about to ask you is a forever thing.  Emily, will you marry me?  Amazing...how could anyone say no to that sweet and honest proposal.

Pause.Pause.Pause. Emily says YES!

Ricki runs out to Join them, cue Peter Cetera's "Glory of Love" and just like that another season of the Bachelorette has come to happy ending!

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